2012 Year In Review!

Happy New Year everyone!

The boyf and I got back from Newfoundland this morning, on a 5am flight. Needless to say, there wasn’t much NYE festivities happening around our parts! In fact, I went to bed in Newfoundland at around 11pm so I could get a bit of shut eye. Man. I’m getting old. At least I took tomorrow off as another vacation day, so I can catch up on a few things before heading back to work on Thursday.

Last year I did a 2011 year in review, and I thought I’d keep the tradition going this year. I blogged at least 24 times a month during 2012. 42 being the most in one month!


1slidingI had an unforgettable time in Newfoundland during Christmas last year. Sliding with just a sprinkle of snow? No problem! Ancy Nancy got it covered. :)
cf-boxjump2I wrote a blog post explaining why I thought CrossFit was so effective.

Why yes, we do go to McDonalds on Valentine’s Day

alfie-sit-backAlfie got a new coat, from a great Canadian company!



chevy-cruze2I reviewed a freaking car (The Chevrolet Cruze) on my blog! I think that tops all of my reviews throughout the year. I kind of want to do that again this year! What do you say, Chevrolet Canada?

meetupThere was also a blogger meet-up that Morgan organized in Toronto!

leathercoatAh, the hunt for a leather jacket has ended. I finally found one I love, and it’s not even real leather. Saves me the dollars!

I passed the one year mark at CrossFit!



lululemon-vs-costcoA popular blog post on internet web searches: Is Lululemon worth the price? Comparing a $14 Costco jacket with a $99 Lululemon one.

I’ve changed my tune on blog reviews, not everything is rosy.



white-batwingI blogged about my eBay finds. I’ll be doing this again soon, since I shop eBay all year round. I stopped posting my reviews about my items mid-year because I was starting to grab some things for Christmas presents. Since I fly home a lot, I bring whatever I have purchased throughout the year so my suitcase in December isn’t over burdened.

kind-food-blatVegan treats and sleeping at IKEA. What!?

molly shannon movesI’ve got some Molly Shannon moves. I showed them off at Girls Night. You jealous yet?

shawney in my lapI spent Easter up in Barrie with relatives I haven’t seen in 15 years. I also got lost on the way and ended up on a Military Base.

IMG-20120403-00838Girls Night Out. Always a fun time with these two ladies.



birthday-mazda-yayI had a ginourmous birthday giveaway on my blog!

l-and-meHad a great Birthday at work and home too.

me-at-toronto-fcMy Birthday weekend in Toronto, seeing Picasso and a Toronto FC soccer game!

runningrocks2Flew home for May 2-4 weekend, and as Ancy Nancy always does, take the kiddo’s on adventureskelan-climbingwhile in Newfoundland I took my nephews rock climbing.

all smilesI then took my friend Stephanie climbing!

whats-in-my-purseI did a “What’s In My Purse” post from the bag I received from the Fossil Canada folks.



vichy_photoI met one of my online friends at Luminato in Toronto!

ebay-ringsMore eBay items reviewed – not to worry, I’ve already got a drafted post half written and will be up in the next little while, of all the finds I bought in 2012!

inhalerFinally just went to a drop in clinic and got an asthma inhaler for my self-diagnosed exercise induced asthma I’ve had my entire life.

purse collectionShowed you guys all of my purses. I’ve only added to the collection since then. Oops.




3-popcornsBest summer ever since I got to review popcorn!

kelans-birthday2I gave my nephew a pretty sweet gift for his sixth birthday, a treasure chest! His reaction was the best.



warriorOh the day I nearly got kicked out of yoga, fun times.

bedGave a sneak peek into our bedroom.

jenna-meWent to visit my BFF in Ottawa, who I haven’t seen in a few years. On the way home though, the train got stuck and we all got fed at Union Station in Toronto, and bussed home. What an adventure, ha!



_MGM1910GinaHung out with Madonna’s make up artist! (Technically at the end of August for this one, and the one below but I didn’t blog about it til September)

Fossil-Canada-officeHand over my asthma inhaler. I met the folks at Fossil Canada headquarters. Holy moses.



alfie and iI went home for Thanksgiving! That makes three times in the year, I went to Newfoundland :)

dragonette-in-kitchenerWent to see Dragonette in concert, thanks to Twitter!

morgan and i scctoI went to SCCTO (She’s Connected Conference) in Toronto, and got a manicure at McDonald’s!


SportChek MybetterI teamed up with SportChek and the #MyBetter campaign! So fun.



nerd2012_2For Halloween I dressed up like a nerd at work. Apparently this is a good look for me, a perfect fit shall we say? Everyone said it suited me. I don’t know whether or not to be offended ;)

50daypushI started the 50 day push up challenge on November 1, to build up my shoulder strength.

sweet seatsSerena Williams was playing at the Face Off Tennis match in Toronto. I went, thanks to SportChek.

I started running with a coach in November!


I completed the 50 day push up challenge!

nephewsWent to Newfoundland for Christmas (and got back today). Said my GoodBye’s to my little nephews yesterday… :(

pack-your-suitcaseFor Christmas I gave my Boyfriend a trip to Quebec City. We’re going in February!

samsung-nx10The boyf also got me a pretty unexpected gift. A way better camera than my point-and-shoot canon! I’m so excited to learn more about this one!

walletGot my parents a pretty well-deserving, special gift — with huge thanks to my neighbours organizing it with me, a trip to Florida with tons of spending money. Eee! My parents both cried. I never see them cry, so it was touching to see them so happy, opening the gifts. I was the one who gave the money, and my neighbour planned the flights and accommodations. I had to think of a clever way to give them the dolla bills instead of just saying “here’s some cash for you to spend”. So I went out and got a wallet for my Mom(from eBay actually) and filled it up with American $50 bills. Put it in a box and voila. But for my Dad to open something too, I taped a bunch of bills together and stuffed them into an old tissue box and had one $50 poking through; so when he pulled it — all the others kept coming out too. Like a never ending pot of gold.


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  1. Wish we could do Christmas morning all over again :) It was my favorite thing about Chritmas this year!

    Nancy says: Ah me too! Did you take any photos? I don’t remember… :)

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