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Remember my ebay finds back in March? Well all of my items have finally arrived and I’m rating my ebay purchases for you all! I’ll be talking about the quality, and whether or not it’s worth to buy the item itself on ebay. I may continue to do posts like this, if it’s beneficial for you all. I’ve made some recent Etsy purchases, and a few more ebay items. Either way, see the rest of my post below.

Seller: ccclothcc
Item: Rabbit Fur Knit Cardigan
Paid: $18.99 + $8.99 shipping. Worth the price? No. But I’ve negotiated on my second item purchased with her, see below.
Location: Hong Kong
Delivery: 11 business days from when I placed the order, to when it arrived. Order placed March 5, arrived March 19
My opinion: I thought it was a little more luxurious looking online than in person. In person is has more of a peach tone to it rather than the grey-white one that it looks like, online. The material itself is quite soft, and the fit is accurate. Just wish the color was a little more flattering. None the less I really do love the piece and am debating buying the red cardigan as well.
Overall rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Seller: ccclothcc
Item: Orange Color Mix Pattern Top
Paid: $10.00 + $2.00 shipping. Worth the price? Yes (as I negotiated the price).
Location: Hong Kong
Delivery: 9 business days from when I placed the order, to when it arrived.
My opinion: It’s not super cute in person. I dislike the vibrancy of the orange, thinking it was more of a nice coral shade online. It’s wearable for summer. The sizing isn’t as accurate as I had thought. It’s off the shoulder on the girl to the left. The fabric is a really soft cotton and the fit is great on me. The arm cuffs would be tight on someone bigger as they’re snug on me.
Overall rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Seller: auysfdesign
Item: White cotton batwing sleeve loose tops
Paid: $11.88 + free shipping. Worth the price? YES NO
Location: China
Delivery: 13 business days from when I placed the order, to when it arrived.
My opinion: The quality of the tee is like Forever 21, and I’m afraid the stitching on the see through part of the arms are going to eventually undo from the rest of the top. Overall if it had better stitching I’d give it 5 stars because it’s such a flattering piece on the body. Though, I may order more because I really do love this top.
Overall rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Seller: greentea212
Item: Celebrity Hollywood Star Women Leopard Pink Soft Scarf
Paid: $13.74 + free shipping. Worth the price? Yes
Location: Hong Kong
Delivery: 27 business days. I don’t know why this one took as long as it did, it was annoying waiting for it as it was my first ebay purchase out of all the ones shown above (and below)
My opinion: Nice basic scarf, a little different looking with the two patterns on it. It’s not the most highest quality, I’d say similar to H&M.
Overall rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (Didn’t get 5 stars because the price was just “ok” and it took forever to get here)

Seller: upoct-01
Item: Black Cool Big Skull Cotton Womens Long Scarf
Paid: $0.15 + $4.99 shipping. Worth the price? Yes
Location: China
Delivery: 31 BUSINESS DAYS. It said it’d take 18-29 business days but I was getting worried and by day 30 I contacted the ebay seller letting them know I had yet to receive it. It of course, came the next day.
My opinion: It’s a nice scarf. I’m debating saving this for my oldest nephew (P.s. I have 4 nephews lol…also, hope he doesn’t read my blog) for Christmas. Because I think he loves skulls.
Overall rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (Only because of the slow service)

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  1. i really like this post Nanc! seeing the pieces on a model compared to a “normal” person is quite inetersting. i am however, a little confused by the orange top. i will say i really like it on you seeing it in person but the neck is not as loose on you. hmmm, false advertising!

    i t hink you do have it on backwards, the stripes are opposite on the model!! LOL

  2. Agreed.
    The orange/grey geometric top is WAY different in person.
    I thought it was nice on you when you wore it. Props to you for rocking such a vibrant shirt!
    but the fit was much different on the model (and you and her look about the same size)
    her sleeves are slouchy and go to the elbow, along with the loose drop shoulder neckline.
    What the heck! Yours looks child sized in comparison! (but let me clarify, it looked pretty and normal on you when you wore it. im only speaking in comparison to what the advertisment eluded to)

    Anyhoo, I liked the scarves alot! and the skull one would look fab with jeans on the weekend!

    I think youre brave to order clothes online from china. As (it seems) its kind of a guessing game.
    Such a different sense of style and sizing.

    Your picks were all cute. I also loved that white sheer shirt on you! looked Great! but i think you could wear a paper bag, and look runway!!

    thanks for the post Nancy! Ill look forward to more in the future.

  3. In my opinion the orange/grey mixed top you got is actually better than the one it was pictured. Really liked how it fit you and i think it looks great with those white pants. You have such a sixth sense for matching great items.

    Also liked the white cotton top. It’s just me or it’s a little bit transparent? Anyway, looks perfect to mix it with a jeans (like you did) or some darker colored pants. I bet it would look great with a skirt as well.

    All the other items are great as well. But 31 business days for that scarf was just insane.

    Nancy says: I liked orange top on the ebay photo itself. That’s what I thought I was getting, thus me wanting to do this comparison post. Am I getting what I think I’m buying when I purchase clothing online? It’s not as loose as it shows online, and I felt like a toddler wearing it lol. Also as for the white cotton top, the sleeves are see through, everything else just like a normal top, so not transparent anywhere but the sleeves :) I love it!

  4. Will you try a refund for the orange top?

    The white cotton top is beautiful indeed. By the way, make a video of that outfit if you can.

    Nancy says: No not at all. I’m 5’6″ tall and probably “large” in Asian standards. The top was described well, just didn’t fit me as well as I had hoped.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Nancy! Everything I wanted to know!

    Nancy says: I remember you were saying you wanted to get that sweat shirt. Let me know if you ever decide to order it. I want to know what it’s like in person!

  6. I buy from some of the Japanese & Chinese ebay shops too :-) I got some off the shoulder tops a couple of months ago, and it’s a similar sort of thing, it’s not as drapey on me as it was on the model… but then, if I didn’t have boobs it probably would’ve been quite close to matching the advert, because I’m only 5 foot. ;) Maybe look for a “tall” asian clothes brand? Might fit better. Funny how you like the asian fashion styles too :-)

  7. I really love this kind of post. Thanks! More ebay rated purchases! I should do the same thing, being a buyer on Ebay … This great way to share!

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