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Well friends, hello from Portland Oregon! It’s my last day here and I was flown up here on a press-trip, and today was the last hurrah of the event so I’ve dedicated my entire day to spending the entire day with one of my best pals, Megan! If you don’t know already, Megan is from Canada too and used to live in California — that’s where we met, hung out for a month then she moved away from me :( I have not seen her in two years. Follow along Snapchat + Instagram stories because I’m sure as heck gonna be storyin’ that up today! 

02. R.I.P MAKEUP |

I was too angry to write about it last week, but I lost some causalities in the toilet. Luxury makeup at that. 2 Burberry items, my $$ Cle de Peau concealer … y tho!? Angry isn’t the word to describe. I wasn’t even in the bathroom at the time it happened. It was all in an unzipped makeup bag that fell over, and five pieces flew into the toilet. The only thing I didn’t care about was the bronzer that was 95% finished up. I’ll be honest though, at least it wasn’t a full stick of my cle de peau concealer, that too was almost up but I guarantee I had more than a few months left out of that tube. But I sure as hell am not putting toilet water makeup on my face. So, as much as it hurt — in the garbage it went. :(  It had to be the pricey pieces, didn’t it! Gah, it irritated me so much because I never store my makeup on the bathroom counters, as soon as I’m done with it, it gets put back in my makeup bag and under the counter. But not this time. 


I’m so pleased with myself. I’ve been on the hunt for some velvet scrunchies for a while and noticed that this store has 3 colour ways to choose from. They actually arrived last week but I’m still pretty stoked about the purchase. I don’t care who hates them — bring the scrunchies back! Buy ’em here!


Since January, I’ve been rotating between Aveda shampoo/conditioner combo, and the Kérastase volumizing shampoo + conditioner (except I don’t think it’s labeled as a conditioner). Since changing from drug-store hair wash back to my ol’ faithfuls I’ve noticed a significant difference in how my hair looks and grows. I feel like it’s finally growing longer than a certain length again. The Kérastase is actually a volumizing set, and immediately when I put in the shampoo I notice my hair feels thicker right away. While it’s something I myself would only notice on myself, it’s kind of a nice feeling to have that extra bit of hair feeling. Does that make any sense? Anyway, since my hair gets used to using only 1 brands in the shower, I tend to switch it up every few days and rotate between the Aveda and the Kérastase. The combo is workin’ out well for me. 


I purchased Goldilocks and the Three bears finger-puppets for a friends kiddo, and I thought they did such an exceptional job. I paired the gift with the old school Golden Book, cute hey? I remember getting knitted finger-puppets at the hospital when I had bloodwork done as a kid. These have come a long way – look how fancy they are! They came all the way from France, a little pricey but I think it’s worth it [PuppetsCo on Etsy]. 

How was your week?

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Packing for Portland in May

I’m on my way to Portland, Oregon for a press event and thought I’d compile a post of what I’m bringing for the three day trip.

While I don’t over pack, I’m also not the lightest packer. For instance, I’m totally bringing four pairs of shoes for this three day trip. I mean, there’s room in the carry-on and I have outfits for each one — so whynat? The part of my suitcase where I try and keep it minimal is my makeup and toiletries bag. I just hate packing it all back up to go home. I guess this isn’t ideal for those that travel regularly, but since I don’t travel all that often and I’m in need of a new toothbrush when I get back, is that I’m going to chuck my travel-sized toothpaste and full-sized toothbrush in the garb after the trip and before I head back home.


I think it goes without saying, check the weather forecast before you start piling clothes into your suitcase. Then, I do laundry for whatever clothes I need to bring, and start packing days before the trip because I’m super organized like that.


Everything. I mean everything goes in a bag. From chargers and cables to my clothing. It all goes in packing cubes or these plastic cosmetic bags I purchased from eBay. The outfits are a bit of a struggle for me as I try and be strategic about the clothing I bring, being versatile. I want to bring enough to see me through all scenarios but I also don’t want to lug around a heavy carry-on full of anything and everything I want to wear. I have no qualms about piecing outfits together and settling on that, days before I wear them.


The last thing you want to happen when you open up your suitcase upon arrival, is seeing all your liquids over your clothes. Luckily I learned at a young age thanks to my tetris-queen-packin’-Mom, is to seal up any and all caps with saran wrap. Everything adds up in weight, and since I tend to use travel-sized items on the regular anyway, packing other items like sunscreen into smaller containers makes sense.


My carry-on suitcase is from Delsey and I’ve been using for the past 2 years. We have two (husband has the brown version) and I have to say it’s a really prime piece of luggage. I get stopped more often than not, asking who makes it. My personal item on this trip is my backpack doubling as my purse which I don’t usually bring, but I need to bring a few extra things this trip, and I need them close by instead of tucked away in an overhead bin.

I bring as limited identification and cards as I can. The essentials I’m bringing is my passport, drivers license, a credit card and some cash. My fancy wallet stays safe at home, and I use a small card case so it takes up little room.


I select an airplane uniform for myself, to help conserve valuable carry-on space, therefore I wear the same outfits on both flights. For instance I’m wearing most of my heaviest items and packing the lightest (for more room). Layering your clothing is always a good way to go. Here’s an example of what I’d wear on an airplane:

Thread & Supply rain coat (it is Portland, after-all)
Parka Sweater
Kara Jean (indigo)
H&M slip on sneakers
Suede backpack

I always make sure I bring a pair of socks with me because 99% of the time I don’t wear them; and I know darn tootin’ well I’m going to have to remove my shoes when I go through security and I do not want my bare feet touching the grimy floors. Call me Canadian, yes, but I’m always freezing here in California regardless of where I’m from. I even wore these jeans when it was 28°C outside, and I didn’t get overheated like I would in a regular jean. Perhaps because I went up a size and wanted them to be a little looser fitting.

What are some of your must-have’s while traveling? 

Get 15% off your prAna order until June 16. Enter S17TRAVELSK at checkout.

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My California Casual Spring Style #FossilStyle

Outfit of the days are one of my favourite things to post on my blog, yet they’re far and few between lately.

I’m forever browsing the Forever 21 store at my local mall, and recently picked up a denim top. I already have one that I bought a few years ago at Target but only had worn it a handful of times. Now, comparing the two together — the one from Forever 21, has a more laidback look to it. Like you’re not trying so hard. Brown stitching, a softer material, and not as heavy to wear in this California weather.

So, thought I’d pull together this afford outfit and show you what I’m wearing, head-to-toe.

Outfit deets:
RayBans | Forever 21 top | Fossil Maya Hobo
Target denim | Faux suede slip-ons | Moto 360 watch (similar)
Etsy gold rings | Gold bracelet from my parents 10+ years ago

While I’m not used to carrying a larger bag on me anymore (I always seem to panic and lose items in the dark abyss of my purse), I’ve been wearing this one when I want to head out with my pals and I need to cart around a lot of stuff. For instance, blog photos…and I require an outfit change. It’ll all fit in this bag, ha!

Thanks for Fossil for sending over this sweet purse. It’s the Maya Hobo in the Marine shade, and available online. Yay!

Posin’ with my lunch. One of the biggest, and also one of the most expensive salads I’ve ever eaten. But it was good. And it had kale in it! You bet I ate every bite of it (because it was $$$ lol).

My wardrobe isn’t the most expensive one out there, but I thought you guys would be interested in some of my latest purchases (and PR samples: the Fossil purse). By the way, totally don’t own that keepcup in the photo above. I finally saw one at a store in Santa Cruz, and snapped a pic with it. Is that weird?

I love my pink slip-on’s so much I bought two pairs of them, heehee!

Check out @Fossil on Instagram and see others who are in #FossilStyle.

Shop my outfit! (Sorry not everything is exact, similar items linked below)

Disclaimer: If ya didn’t catch it already from all my mentions above, Fossil sent me the Maya Hobo for review. 

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