OOTD: Winter Exploring

Hey hey! First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Anyone have plans? If you know us, you know where we’re going… I’ll save that for another post though ;)

Simply put, I’m constantly cold. Tsk at me all you will. Winter or summer, hand me a sweater ’cause I need it. I’ve gotten called out before for wearing a winter coat here in California, because I’m Canadian and I know what cold feels like. Cold is cold, regardless of where you live, you acclimatise to it. When you’re used to Canadian 4ºc and it drops to -20ºc you’re cold. In California when it’s 15ºc one day and 4ºc the next, you’re frozen (at least, I am. My husband isn’t as fazed as I am to it).

With that being said, I’m definitely comfy cozy in my FERA ski parka. I’m wearing the Jen Insulated Ski Parka [$290 USD] in the colour Aqua and in a size 6 (there’s tons of sizing and colours). I’m definitely eyeing up that red one called Lava, I think it’d look excellent against my dark hair and skintone!

What I’m wearing
Target Jeans | Joe Fresh black tee |
Fera Jen Ski Jacket | Rebecca Minkoff Mini Moto Satchel
Target riding boots | white shellac nails

I have been obsessed with white shellac nails ever since moving to California. I can’t stop getting them done that colour! When I opted for red over Christmas it didn’t feel like ‘me’, lesson learned ha! Also, if you’re wondering where the heck my beautiful wedding ring set was, these photos were taken about 2 weeks ago when they were still at the repair shop. You know before a few days ago I hadn’t had my entire set, since I brought it in the first time on December 1st? Shockin’ isn’t it. Long story short, they ruined my bands when they fixed two stones in each band (wedding band, and engagement ring). So, after much debacle they replaced it with an identical one and now I’ll be wearing a false simple/minimal gold band inside the house, and save the bling for when I’m out and about. There ya have it.

While there isn’t any snow around here unless you go up to Tahoe area, I still have been wearing this on our weekend adventures while my husband and I (Alfie too!) explore the California coastlines with his brand new drone. For the most part we’re playing around with the drone settings right now and figuring out places to fly it (it’s quite limited), so I’m doing a lot of standing around.

One day before our Christmas trip back home to Newfoundland (Canada) I received the FERA jacket for review. I didn’t bring it, and now hold a bit of regret, because it’s such a nice warm coat that goes over your bum and on the wrists it has an extra layer of cuff made of lycra (which keeps the wind out!).

Not sure if you can see it in these pics (click’em to enlarge ’em), but the collar of the jacket is lined with fleece so it’s nice and soft against your skin when you have to really bundle up and zip the jacket. Nice hey?

Shop Fera Jen Jacket here.

Disclaimer: Fera sent the Jen Jacket for review. 

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OOTD: Velvet is back!

Velvet has made a comeback, and I couldn’t be happier. Bring back corduroy too and I’m set for life.

Thought I’d feature an outfit of the day because I haven’t posted one of those in ages. It was one of those rainy, semi-chilly days here in California where I did nothing but sit with a friend over coffee, and watch the grey clouds roll in. It definitely beats those Canadian winters, that’s for sure. But I can’t seem to break the chill in my bones lately (I’m constantly cold!), so a warm cuppa was definitely needed this day, and maybe a pair of socks ;)

[Items featured]
Zara Jeans | Suzy Shier faux leather jacket | Dior nail polish
Target sweater | Brooks Imperial sneakers
Fossil Saddle Bag (no longer available, but: similar)

Aren’t my shoes just rad though? I love ’em. Thanks for sending me a pair, Brooks!

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My Christmas outfit

My-christmas-outfitThis year I have curated my wardrobe more than ever. When I open my closet and look in, I’m happy with what I have. On occasion I feel the need to run to Forever 21 and see what new basics they have (anything grey or baby pink I’m lusting over). But honestly, I’m content. It’s a nice feeling. Anything I grab out of the closet, I enjoy wearing.

The essential foundation in my wardrobe at the moment (and more specifically this time of year) is a grey sweater. I’m pretty sure i have three of them right now, and each vary in colour. One is a deep charcoal, the other a huge oversized cowl neck cozy knit, and the other is a flowy mock-neck long sleeved and flattering on my figure.

It’s all so comfortable and effortless. Like this outfit that I wore to my friends house — except this sweater is clearly not my favourite grey colour haha. Christmas-outfit

Sweater| Joe Fresh (last year)
Jeans| Zara
Purse| Fossil (my co-workers from Canada gave it to me when I was leaving for California)
Flats| Charlotte Russe

You know you have a great friend when she allows you to wear not only shoes in her house, but insists on you putting your shoes on her couch for a cool photo opp. I love it! My shoes were clean, I promise. I rarely wear these red flats outside (because they’re from Charlotte Russe and I don’t want them to fall apart).Christmas-OOTD

Elisabeth and I had no itinerary or commitments that day, only catching up and enjoying each other’s company lounging around at her place and me playing with my Dior makeup (this is a lipstick from the 2015 Christmas collection). Applying-lipstick

This will be the first Christmas without my Father since his passing. No doubt be a different one with my Mom in her new place, but we will make new memories and… she has a fireplace, so I approve.

I will be back to the blog in the New Year. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends.Footer-img

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