Outfit of the Day: Sept 20, 2019

Didn’t think that you’d hear from me again this quick – didja!!

So I found a good way to take self-timershots without a proper tripod and without having my phone dropping onto concrete.

My camera is seriously inside of a shoe, and that shoe is laying on the stroller. Lol. Hey, whatever works. Bebs was down for his nap and I had the stroller out, so I decided to see how it worked for me. And worked it did.

Although this is an incredibly basic outfit, it’s what I’ve been reaching for, and pretty much my daily “uniform”. Fall is coming up and I’m looking forward to start layering more.

Are you guys interested in all the OOTDs, or more of the layering ones. Cause I mean jeans and a tee guys, you can’t get any simpler than that.

Anyway, this is what I wore literally today. Thought I’d share. I’m using my Google pixel to take these shots and often I have “motion” turned on, which means it takes a variety of shots all within probably a half second, so I can save any of the shots in the motion – you know in case I blink, or if I’m squinting hard into the sun. I can omit those. However with those, if it’s not the original, and if it’s part of the motion, it’s like taking a still from a video, the quality isn’t great. But, I mean, it’s only an OOTD not like I’m taking super fantastic product shots here or anything. So I’ll let it go.

Outfit details
Crewneck tee: Target (in stores now!)
Jeans: Articles of Society  (they’re always on sale with the Nordstrom Anniversary sales)
Belt: Decades old from American Eagle
Shoes: Johnston & Murphy (seen here, and here)
Bag: My goodie bag from Neiman Marcus that I got here.

Weird blooper that I sometimes may not include. My keys bulging out of my arse pocket, and me thinkin’ a good ol’ hair flick would look cool. It did not. ha!!!

Up-close shot because this one was too cute not to share. He honestly just squat down behind my shoes, wouldn’t move, and kept saying “CHEESE!”. Sidenote, I need to clean the shoes obviously – but if you’re not aware you can easily clean sneakers with imitation (or the real thing…) Magic Eraser things! Just google melamine sponges. Or pick’em up at the dollar store.

So, there ya have it. Enjoy your weekend folks.

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Earth Day weekend

Sure, we may live in a concrete tech jungle here in Silicon Valley, but there’s plenty of green space to go out and explore. Set that phone of yours to airplane mode and get outside more to explore. Get lost, and adventure. Whether I’m solo or with baby in tow I need to get out of the house at least once a day to get fresh air (and of course to not go stir crazy).

This particular outing I brought some peach noosa yoghurt (I received a few free coupons to try it out. They’re all gone now lol) to chow down on, because whenever I do leave the house a snack is always on my list of items to never forget (including baby, keys, and phone) cause this nursing Momma is always hungry and never full. It’s an all-natural fuel for keeping me alert and never hangry, ’cause you know I’m only working with a handful of hours of sleep here.

The entire week has been pretty weird. First we had some wind, rain, including an earthquake. But for the last few days the weather has been pretty rad and cooperative. Wearing a wind/waterproof jacket is key for this April weather. The hard shell I’m wearing is from La Sportiva, called the Hail jacket. Fun fact, my climbing shoes are from La Sportiva as well and those feature 98% recycled materials. La Sportiva is committed to providing not only the best technical products available, but to protecting and preserving the places they love.

Earth Day is just around the corner (tomorrow!), and I’m already thinking of earth day themed activities for my wee one to participate in. He’s obviously much too young this year but having these ideas in my head for the future.

Up-cycle with whatever you have around the house for these activities:

  • Mini greenhouses! Plant herbs or even flowers in an old paper egg carton, cover it so it keeps the heat and moisture in and you have yourself a little garden. You could either use old paper egg cartons for these, or even an old yogurt container (somewhat off topic I’m addicted to my morning yogurt topped off with slivered almonds in the a.m.).
  • Decorate your own reusable bag.
  • Finger painting! Get out some green, and blue paint, draw a circle and your kid can go to town painting the earth in whatever artistic way they please. Roll out a long piece of butcher paper and have at it.

Like I said above my baby is a bit too young to join in on these things this year. But I’ve been eyeing up busy toddler on Instagram for baby and children’s activities since I first found out about her. So if you have a child of any, I’d suggest you to give her w follow too. She has some great ideas even perfect for rainy day activities.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, tons of events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

What are your plans for Earth Day weekend?

Stay in the loop with noosa yogurt by checking out their Cream of the Crop Fan Club

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Fall Style OOTD + Adorable Alfie pictures

The extend of my Fall decorating: these plush velvet pumpkins I bought years ago at one of my favourite stores back home in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Appropriately called ‘Home’. I whip’em out every Fall and never tire of them. I think they’re super classic looking and definitely go well in our bright white kitchen (although, yes the pic was shown in the bathroom, they’ve since been relocated). I’ve seen other lower quality one’s being sold at less expensive stores (like target and the like) but they’re not the quality that these are. I don’t remember who makes them, since Home carries a lot of independent brands. But I do remember, they were not cheap. YOLO.
I said it before, I think on my Instagram because I’m way more active there than anywhere else these days (IG stories mostly, to keep everyone updated about little Alfie), I think this pregnancy is easy for a reason.
I’m a little distracted, a little preoccupied with all my thoughts right now focused on keeping Alfie happy, and comfortable. Perhaps the baby boy knows I’m going through a lot of unexpected and unpleasant surprises with Alfie’s diagnoses, not to mention our first home, first baby, etc. So many firsts. And to top it all off, we still aren’t 100% unpacked nor do we have a fridge. Again, don’t ask about the fridge…I’m about as frustrated as I can get.
Our days are spent occasionally going for drives, Alfie loves them and has this huge smile on his face when he goes. My sweet little guy. He perked up for half of the day yesterday. Then last night Scott mentioned Alfie didn’t have a car ride all day. Alfie heard those famous words: “car ride” and immediately started smiling and wagging his tail. So at 11:30pm last night when we were all in our PJs we took him for a 5 min spin around the neighborhood and he, at that moment, you could tell was loving life. So happy to see him like that.
Today? It was difficult to get him to eat breakfast (not interested in chicken, turned his head after a spoonful of pumpkin puree – it’s ok Alfie I hate pumpkin stuff too), BUT!! He did eat an egg, which he didn’t want yesterday which was nice. He’ll eat again 3 more times today. We have to start getting creative with his food. We’re trying to keep carbs (although pumpkin has carbs) completely out of his diet, since cancer feeds on carbs. So we’ll see what the rest of the day brings. Keep an eye out on IG stories for more updates on him.

Picture was taken yesterday when he was feelin’ fine – minus the serious face he’s giving to my self-timer cell phone pic. I was taking OOTD shots for my Pink Blush #MaternityClothes.

Pink Blush Cream Raw Cut Soft Knit Maternity Top ($36)
H&M Mama Super Skinny Maternity Jeans ($35)
Foot Petal Andi sneakers (sent for review too, from Influenster)

Disclaimer: Huge thanks to my pal Megan for hooking me up with PinkBlush to be an ambassador with them too! As a PinkBlush Ambassador I get 2 points for 2 pieces of clothing to review. Each time I post = 1 point. I did not receive monetary compensation for posting about the brand. 
Influenster (as mentioned above) sent me the Foot Petals free/complimentary for testing purposes. #WalkingOnPetals. 
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