Work attire

outfitSo this is my first attempt at publishing an outfit that I would wear on a daily basis to work. It’s business–casual and since I don’t deal directly with the public at the financial institution that I work at, I can be a bit more casual than my coworkers. Mind you, I feel quite more dressed up than the front line staff on some occasions. I blame that on me being more motivated as a young career woman as the people I work with are old enough to be my parents and probably  a bit bored in their fashion wardrobe senses.

Enough of that, let’s get to the first post! I wore this last Wednesday, or maybe it was  last Thursday. Either way it was 16 degrees (Celsius) which is “chilly” for a summery day here in Ontario so I opted for a pair of pants.

My purple shirt is from Dynamite clothing store (probably only available in Canada?) I bought this last summer and it’s definitely one of my staples and also one of my favorite shirts for summer (I totally just typed supper instead of summer, HA!). The price of the clothing at Dynamite is so reasonable and usually falls apart after a season of wear and tear. But this top has lasted a wee bit longer than that which makes me a happy consumer! I think this cost me $25.

The white pants are a recent purchase (and returned when the clasp broke, but rebought again when on sale!) from the GAP. I think I bought it when they had a sale and 30% off so it came to $29.00 or so.

Damn I’m a good deal shopper. Let me tell you about the giraffe patterned shoes they came from the mall (obvs.) and it was buy one get one 50% off so the giraffe ones I ended up purchasing for $24.99.

Sweet deals yea? I think I look pretty polished! A co-worker even commented that I was “dressed up”. Funny, since I’d usually wear this whole outfit with a different pair of shoes and maybe white capri’s and nobody would’ve said anything. A fancy pair of shoes definitely catches the eye, I think!

After my panicky fashion post and watching hours of What Not To Wear I think I’m doing pretty well!

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