Hells yea at my dealios!

As I mentioned a little while ago, I said I’d post about the few purchases I made on pay day. I am to never be trusted in a mall, even if I’m dropping into one store to get my freebie for the month (aerie anyone?).  I guess I’m a bit jealous as the only family that I have up here in Ontario with me are my cousins who live just 45 minutes away and I see them, rarely. Like seriously once every 5 months or so? Oh and the booked it off to go to Florida to go outlet shopping with their Mom. How jealous? So, I wanted to go shopping too. Hey, at least it’s better than the malls I’m used to back home. We’ve got some wicked stores up here haha. Plus, I always manage to get a good deal wherever I go though, and all of these items were on sale! Remember: click all images to enlarge)purchases

Looks like I did a bit of damage on my credit card here. But fret not! I got amazing deals. I will show you! Now, of course onto the steals of the whole spree, and I need to show you close up’s of these sexy mama’s:


A closeup of the zebra and giraffe shoes. Check out the feet rockin’ the flip flop tan. Now, you may notice here that the giraffe shoes are a bit different in color here. But I really loved these shoes, and they were the ONLY pair in any size they had left. I’m an 8.5 in a shoe. They had 9’s in the zebra, and 8’s in the giraffe so I bought them regardless! The giraffe ones were the display models, so the lighter one’s are “older”. I really don’t notice them because I guess I don’t stare at my feet when I’m walking. But they look wicked, and I’m sure the other one will fade with time. At least that’s what the sales girl told me. Maybe she was trying to make commission? I should have asked her. ha! So I say a bitta sale shopping never hurt anyone!

Orange striped boxers for the boyfriend: $4.19 (was $18.99)
Pants: $27.00 (was $69.99)
Flip Flops: $13.99 (was $29.99)
It was buy three things, take 30% off!

Aerie free gift (the pink spray tube next to the flip flops)
Shoppers Drug Mart: Junior mints (on sale!) for $1.99 (was $2.49!)

Kernals Popcorn: Free (when you buy so many you get your card stamped)

Jonseve Shoes (buy 1 get one 50% off)
Zebra print: 59.98
Giraffe print: 24.99

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  1. Oh the damage is done Leanne. I’m desperately trying to get that site working. It’s ridiculous, and now all of my entries are gone (hopefully just “hidden” somewhere), since May 2009. And my theme! My theme is gone. Wtf.

    I’m working with dreamhost to help me fix it.

  2. I love it all!

    I wish your coupon site would work! Grrr. I keep trying it…like, every hour. HAH.

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