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meOh man. I had totally forgot that I had this post sitting in my drafts folder. I NEVER go there in my wordpress. Well.. here it is, a few months late!

So, I picked up a new eye shadow from MAC cosmetics online in the color Graphology and immediately loved it. I’ve been oggling over purple looks for a while and decided that last week sometime was the perfect night to try it out since I had nothing else to do. A bit late on posting the photos, but I love them and I think they turned out well.

Of course, it turns out good when you have nowhere to go. But when you try to make it look good when you’re going out somewhere, it never turns out right. Why is that!? So annoying. Some of the images are click-able, but some are not (like the first four below) because I really needed to get my eyebrows waxed at the time. They’re all nice and done now though! I also realize I look very different in most of these photos. Whatevv..




(and now, photos from my blackberry. Since I was obsessed with taking photos that night! Only vain when I look good. HA HA!)


Then another snap of me, right before I washed it off. Like my XXXL over sized Google “baseball” shirt? I received it as swag when I used to work for an internet marketing company! Fit for a pyjama shirt, I say.


That’s all for now!

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  1. I have no idea? It was my first time buying anything in a pan and didn’t really look into it that much. Usually I just depot the shadows myself. The color was just online at MAC cosmetics and I decided to buy it lol

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