Birthday surprise/Bath & Body Works

Even though for some reason my gift was re-directed to STRATFORD yesterday, today in the mail came a little birthday surprise from my Bestie who lives 6 hours away. I can’t wait to go burn this candle that smells like amazing and I can’t stop sniffing it. This weekend I’m definitely going to spend a little dough at Mexx with the gift card she gave me!

What’s your favorite Bath and Body Works scent? Did you get an e-mail yesterday too, telling us all that Coconut Lime Vebena is discontinuing, along with other scents? Disappointing! See?

On my lunch break today I decided to go into the mall to see if I could snag any deals with my Mexx gift card, I ended up popping into BBW as well. Not just 50% off like the sign above says, but I got 75% off the discontinued soaps. $1.50~ EACH! Did you know that when you get those coupons on your receipt that they never expire? I had a Save $10 when you spend $30 on my receipt from October 2010 and it was of course still valid. My entire purchase came to $24. TWENTY FOUR DOLLAHS!

I got my hair cut yesterday after work. I went to the same salon that I used to go to about two years ago. Before I switched and went to the guy who screwed up my hair in April. I asked this new guy to not cut a lot off, but cut a lot off at the same time to make it healthy. I didn’t want anymore layers because it was looking stringy. This is what he came up with! Straight across cut, that looks thicker at the bottom.

I used to have really long hair about 6 years ago when I first met Scott. Since then my hair has basically stayed the same length, a little longer than shoulder length. I can’t seem to grow it out any longer than that or it looks bad. I get regular trims every 9 weeks so I can let it grow out instead of getting it cut every 6-8 which maintains the length. I get the split ends cut off. However, I do wash and style my hair every day. I tried for about a month once to just wash it every 3rd day and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I love fresh, clean hair lol. OH THE HAIR DRAMA. I’m so sick of it. Grow already!

My hair in 2005. Loved this length.

At a wedding last October 2010. It looked good here too.

Yesterday vs. Today. Before/After my hair cut. Now I’m starting over so to speak. All one length (sort of) and trying to baby it, perhaps I’ll just not wash it often. Ugh. I hate that.

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