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Back in May I sent some flowers to my Boyfriend’s family in Newfoundland. This was the photo that I received of what I ordered off the telephone. I like to order from this one place back home as they always create gorgeous floral arrangements. I spoke to the woman on the phone and she asked if I wanted some exotic flowers.

I gotta say the arrangement is so very nice, and well pieced together. But I am starting to get a little bit sick of the Bird of Paradise flower. It’s not exotic when all of the places make it, and call it exotic. Sure, I absolutely love this weird flower. Wouldn’t a bit of hibiscus look nice in there too? I’m really glad that Boyf’s family loved the arrangement.

I’m thinking of getting some fresh flowers and putting them all over our apartment, and even on the balcony as I’m needing some fresh greens in my life :)

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  1. My boyfriend got me flowers on my birthday and we set them up in my kitchen. I’ve gotten so used to seeing them there that I think I’ll be pretty heartbroken when they finally wilt :(

    They’ve got me hooked to the look of fresh flowers around the apartment though. I think of making it a trend too!

  2. Those flowers are so nice! I love fresh flowers, it’s too bad that they are so expensive to buy in arrangements!

  3. I like to get flowers for myself about once a month. It’s a great treat! I buy a bouquet from Coscto so it’s very reasonably priced and then I split the bouquet up into little vases and pop them around the house.

    You should get some flowers; you deserve it!

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