After lunch on Tuesday I was literally busting at the seams on my buttoned up tee. I mean, my shirt wasn’t even that tight to begin with. Very attractive as you can imagine. Either way this shirt is definitely going into the donate pile. I can’t eat when I wear it, haha! Noticing I was pretty neutral this week with some bright yellow randomly in there. I also need to whip out the ironing board soon for some of these articles of clothing. Mess.

I’m excited to post my CrossFit journal for you guys tomorrow — I went four days in a row this week: Monday through Thursday. Madness. I’m sore all over. Now, off to design a club flyer. Apparently Tiesto is coming to my city. (The flyers are not for him unfortunately.)

What does everyone have planned for this weekend? CrossFit Regionals are going on in Toronto today til Sunday. I may end up going to watch some of it.

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