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Oof! This heat is getting to me. A full week of 40+ degree (celsius – I refuse to switch to farenheit just because I’m living in the only country in the world that uses fahrenheit – lol….and that’s that) without air conditioning is going to be pretty brutal. It’s only day 2 of the high temps (I’m writing this as of last night Tues Sept 6).

For the first time in 3+ years, I ended up taking my boys inside a building: the local library! The temp today reached a high of 43*C, so in order to get some relief, we hung out there for an hour or so. We ended up checking out 43 children’s books – the most books we ever checked out from the library. Both my husband and I read a lot to our boys, so this will do us 1-2wks or so.

It was a lot chillier the last few weeks, so these photos are from early August. I wanted to post them here on my blog along on my instagram, so here we are. Outfit details for everyone found at the bottom of the post! :)


Outfit details:
Target tee
Levi’s jeans (from Amazon!)
Sperry Seaport Levy Leather Loafer

Little Bro
basic tee
Zara shorts
Sperry Spinnaker Washable Sneaker

Big Bro
Joe Fresh tee
Zara shorts
Sperry Spinnaker Washable Sneaker

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OOTD Buddha pants

I miss doing OOTDs and seeing everyone’s OOTDs whether it be on instagram or on their blogs. Who else?

It’s been a while since we’ve gone to the forest for a bit of exploring. It was a super hot day earlier this week, so I put on my Buddha Pants (these were a PR gift). I packed a lunch and plenty of water for the toddler and I and we stayed in the shade to beat the heat. 

These pants are so lightweight, comfortable and super nice and flowy. They’re truly the epitome of portability as they fold themselves into their own tiny pocket. I received these back in June and have had tons of opportunities to wear them during the hot California summer. They have different styles to choose from beyond the classic harem style, but they have jogger style, jumpsuits and more.

Take a look! They’re also available on Amazon.  

OOTD details
Tank| GAP
Pants| Buddha Pants 
Sandals| Zara 
Backpack| Arc’teryx


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Earthy tones OOTD

These leggings (no joke) make me feel like I’m not even pregnant. They support my belly SO much, and make the area feel so much lighter. Good golly. Unreal. I’m so happy to be wearing them. They’re the BLANQI maternity belly support leggings (for reference the colour is Forest Night) to help the bump not feel so heavy in the front. We go on walks with the whole fam at least once a day (usually twice) for an hour or more, and these have made the walks way better. I always used to feel so heavy and slow. But I feel like these “lift” me up lol. They’re amazing.

This comfy tank is BLANQI too. It’s buttery smooth and has space for my belly to grow. BLANQI sent the set over to me a few weeks ago, so here I’m 23 weeks pregnant and enjoying taking bebs out on many of his summer adventures.

The VANS I’m wearing in this shoot I did, I picked up at DSW while my Mom was here visiting, so back in Jan/Feb or so. I kinda want to buy a second pair so I don’t ever wear them out. I rarely wear them because of it! But when I do, and come back inside, I get my magic eraser (or melamine sponge because it’s way cheaper and basically the same thing) and clean the white soles of the shoes so they always look brand spankin’ new lol.

Watch out for discounts and sales on BLANQI’s website – they have them frequently. Also! They have clothes (not just “workout style”) for new Mama’s/postpartum – not just preggos!

I’m nearing 26 weeks of pregnancy now, and unfortunately for us our A/C just *had* to breakdown during this heatwave we’ve been having this week – and it’s going to continue for another week or so. At least I’ll save on doing laundry because I’m literally wearing next to nothing, same with my little boy. We’re all sitting in front of the fan with a water bottle spritzer and staying soaking wet, having most the lights off in the house. Send me some recipes that I can use without turning on the oven, please! Also, send good vibes that hubs can fix the A/C without calling someone in and having it cost a few flippin’ grand because: Silicon Valley. Ooof….dyin’ over here. I’m already roasting because I’m pregnant, but this is way worse haha.

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