Minimal Hospital Bag for Baby # 2

Round two, here we go. Just another few weeks out and we’ll have a newborn again. This time I’m probably packing less than my previous minimal hospital bag back in 2018. I’ll be packing up the same bag as last time as it has a variety of pockets, and didn’t seem like “too much”. I’m also packing 2wks earlier than my last baby, since this one is a kicker and is constantly moving 23 hours a day. It’s pretty wild to see such a difference in the two pregnancies. 

I knew going in for my first delivery, that the hospitals here in California (at least the one I’m delivering at) supplies you with endless amounts of products for mama and baby, so you really only need to bring a handful of things for your comfort. 

I still have a drawer dedicated to “travel sized items” in our bathroom, so I’m grabbing a bunch of stuff from there. I’m going to omit the slippers this round, as all I wore last time was the non-slip socks the hospital provided for me. So, let’s dive on in at 37wks pregnant, here’s what I have packed:

  • Toiletries:
    • toothbrush + toothpaste + floss
    • travel hair brush
    • travel dry shampoo
    • deodorant
    • some makeup 
    • Aveda lip saver
    • 1 hair tie
  • Clothing:
  • Sleepwear:
  • For Baby:
  • Other
    • IDs
    • Phone charger
    • Notebook + pen
    • A new toy for bebs (my 2.5yr old) so when I come home with baby, he has a gift from his new sibling!

I’m not packing anything for Scott – he didn’t need anything last time because he kept going back and forth from home to the hospital as at that point in 2018 our pup Alfie was on his last legs – or so we thought, with cancer. He was given days to live. He just turned 11 a few days ago! He’s still going strong! This time, Scott will be driving back/forth again to the hospital to obviously tend to our first born, and feed/walk Alfie too. 

Last time I wore the hospital gowns the entire duration of my stay. It was just so easy – easy access to everything ha! Literally packing just the necessities. I tell ya though, it’s definitely going to be a different delivery this time ’round, during a pandemic/COVID/quarantine and having bebs at home. Just can’t wait now…few weeks left to go.

What are some “must haves” in your pregnancy hospital bag?

What did you bring and didn’t use? 

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32 week OB appointment + OOTD

I went to my 32wk OB appointment yesterday morning. I did some research beforehand and finally asked the measurements of my belly since I now knew what they actually meant. For a while there in my first trimester baby was measuring a week ahead. I haven’t asked for a while since I just knew we would be having another big baby.

But I didn’t expect this……now at 32 weeks the baby and belly has gotten so big that I’m literally measuring 36 weeks. A full MONTH bigger. LOL what!?! That is so insane to me. No wonder my symptoms are the way they are. Tiredness starting mid-day now,etc.

Man I really don’t get how genes work. My husband and I are somewhat average/small builds yet our first baby was over 10lbs & 22″ at birth. I swear I’m going to have a 12lb-er this time…cause there’s SEVEN WEEKS left of this pregnancy lolololol……No wonder I feel so tired come early afternoon! By the time I hit 40wks, I’ll technically be measuring 44+weeks or more. 

Outfit details:
  • Hat: gifted by Tenth Street Hats
  • The favourite tank (non-maternity) from the Gap
  • H&M maternity leggings
  • Watch, purse and mask gifted by Fossil
  • Forever 21 velvet shoes
  • My SIL bought me this cardigan when I was in Newfoundland last summer! She saw I loved it and went back for it to surprise me! Amazing, right? So sweet of her. Thank you again Sandra!!
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A few more hikes until he’s a big brother!

This post is sponsored by Zappos.

As of September, it’s been 6 months since my son has seen his friends. He gets it man, at 2.5 years old he talks about them daily, especially when we have our nightly chat before he goes to bed. He asks me what they’re doing, wondering what they too are doing throughout the days. We facetime a handful of times but it’s not the same really, is it?

I’m primarily a homebody and could stay home for ages, but seeing my little guy this way is heartbreaking. In California the rates of COVID haven’t really gone down significantly enough for us to be comfortable to socialize with others. So, waiting it out is what we’re doing. It’s tough on my little guy. Luckily I’m a SAHM so I can cater to his needs, but it’s also been tough when we “have” to stay inside due to the poor air quality. 

To get some of that toddler energy out of him, and his mind off not being able to see his little pals we’ve been playing outside mostly this summer. All by ourselves.

I’ve said this before throughout my entire pregnancy, but I’ve been trying to take bebs out in nature, in the forest exploring with me for some one-on-one solo time before he’s a big brother come November. I’m really loving it to be honest because there’s only a short amount of time left of him being an only child. I’m milking this time together.

That, and it’s fantastic to breathe in some fresh air after the horrible wildfires around California making the air quality so unhealthy we couldn’t step outside. For a while there, we really took fresh air for granted. We hadn’t felt comfortable leaving our house to go for walks outside since the air quality was horrible. Especially with a toddler with young lungs, and me being pregnant. Here’s bebs and I enjoying the better weather, waiting for the cooler temps to roll on in. Taking full advantage of the California sunshine. Gettin’ all that vitamin D in! #sponsored I shopped on Zappos for my Merrell Jungle Moc shoes that I’m wearing here in this photos. My husband Scott has shopped on Zappos website in the past, but it’s the first time for me. Their customer experience is down to a science. It’s great since their shipping is super fast and free, and I love their super long generous 365 day return policy.

Back to the Merrell Jungle Moc shoes, I #GotItOnZappos. Being in my 3rd and final trimester of my final pregnancy I am looking for ultimate comfort in a shoe. Something I can wear all day long if need-be, and be stylish to wear with the clothing choices I’m wearing right now: which is basically all comfort wear too. Ha.

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