3rd baby feels: overly protective

I know I mentioned this on my social feeds, but … I feel the most protective over this third pregnancy than the other two. After I finally announced the pregnancy to close friends and family I had some responses that made me clam up and frankly was disappointed in their reactions.

Whether they knew it or not I received some unfavourable responses to finding out what we’re having and also dared to ask whether or not this pregnancy was planned. How bold. Which is why lately I’ve decided to wait to announce what we’re having. You’ll know in December.

Although my presence online is …here….I still feel quite private with a lot of my life. As you may have seen in my IG stories this little one has given me a few stressful moments with two trips to the hospital for monitoring for preterm labour and second time was baby’s heart rate dropped to the 80s, I want to keep this baby growing til fullterm. ????????.

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A trip home and a surprise….

It’s been 3.5 years since we’ve flown anywhere, and back in June we flew to our home: Newfoundland – for a whole month! It was as fantastic as you’d imagine it being, after being away for so long. My youngest hadn’t met any of our family members, so it was great to introduce him to everyone.

I was not prepared for all the humidity in Newfoundland however. So many days were spent outdoors exploring either in the shade, or in the water and/or water parks since many of the homes do not have air conditioning. Hard to leave home though, whether it be home for a week or home for a month – it never feels long enough. Some sad to go b’y.

Well, we did leave Newfoundland just last week and have a bit of news to share. Baby # 3 is set to arrive at the end of 2023! I took my boys and I this morning to Stanford’s Arizona Cactus Garden to do some photos with my tripod, self timer and their big brother tops from a small shop called Spunky Stork. Love how they came out!

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Minimal Hospital Bag for Baby # 2

Round two, here we go. Just another few weeks out and we’ll have a newborn again. This time I’m probably packing less than my previous minimal hospital bag back in 2018. I’ll be packing up the same bag as last time as it has a variety of pockets, and didn’t seem like “too much”. I’m also packing 2wks earlier than my last baby, since this one is a kicker and is constantly moving 23 hours a day. It’s pretty wild to see such a difference in the two pregnancies. 

I knew going in for my first delivery, that the hospitals here in California (at least the one I’m delivering at) supplies you with endless amounts of products for mama and baby, so you really only need to bring a handful of things for your comfort. 

I still have a drawer dedicated to “travel sized items” in our bathroom, so I’m grabbing a bunch of stuff from there. I’m going to omit the slippers this round, as all I wore last time was the non-slip socks the hospital provided for me. So, let’s dive on in at 37wks pregnant, here’s what I have packed:

  • Toiletries:
    • toothbrush + toothpaste + floss
    • travel hair brush
    • travel dry shampoo
    • deodorant
    • some makeup 
    • Aveda lip saver
    • 1 hair tie
  • Clothing:
  • Sleepwear:
  • For Baby:
  • Other
    • IDs
    • Phone charger
    • Notebook + pen
    • A new toy for bebs (my 2.5yr old) so when I come home with baby, he has a gift from his new sibling!

I’m not packing anything for Scott – he didn’t need anything last time because he kept going back and forth from home to the hospital as at that point in 2018 our pup Alfie was on his last legs – or so we thought, with cancer. He was given days to live. He just turned 11 a few days ago! He’s still going strong! This time, Scott will be driving back/forth again to the hospital to obviously tend to our first born, and feed/walk Alfie too. 

Last time I wore the hospital gowns the entire duration of my stay. It was just so easy – easy access to everything ha! Literally packing just the necessities. I tell ya though, it’s definitely going to be a different delivery this time ’round, during a pandemic/COVID/quarantine and having bebs at home. Just can’t wait now…few weeks left to go.

What are some “must haves” in your pregnancy hospital bag?

What did you bring and didn’t use? 

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