Let’s backtrack to 4 months ago

Let’s backtrack to 4 months ago when I was pregnant with my third baby boy. It was the last day of being pregnant that I knew it. Our third little guy gave us a few scares in August and I think September, with two emergency visits to the labour and delivery ward – should have been a signal in my head that he’d be on his merry way quite early, but little did I know.

This photo was taken pretty much 23 hours before my water broke. It’s like my body subconsciously knew to take one more pregnancy shot since I didn’t document my belly much this time ’round. I took an everything shower that day, picked up my Rx’s at the drugstore and did my hair for the first time in ages.

I know it’s been ages since I sat down and wrote a post, but I ended up writing this post below on the day of my first (and last) NST for this little fella. From there I’ll publish more posts about the birth story and whatnot. But for now let’s backtrack to November 2023.

November 14, 2023:

I had my first NST of this pregnancy today – many more in the second trimester because I was sent to the hospital for monitoring a few times to double check everything is ok.

I had grand plans of keeping my older two occupied. Headed to target and bought the boys a new toy. For my HOUR LONG appt. Also downloaded audiobook from Hoopla. If you haven’t downloaded it (for free) do it. I usually play a kids audiobook for them while they take a bath and honestly it’s super relaxing forboth the boys and I. If you have two boys you know how loud the house gets. Adding water and a calming British voice reading us all a classic Peter Rabbit classic is absolutely game changing and relaxes them for bedtime + stories thereafter.
K….on a rambling.

Wow, I totally thought I had written more than that. Apparently not.

I recall having a lot of stomach cramping and an overall feeling of being off, and couldn’t pinpoint it to one thing. I remember thinking it was simply because I kept having to hulk-move my middle child constantly since he was always running away from me and me having to chase him down and launch him over my shoulder to walk him back home. The NST didn’t show much of anything but I did mention to the person doing my NST that I’d been having what she just described to me as braxton hicks. Who knew less than 20 hours later I’d break my water….that’s another story for the next post. Stay tuned.

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