My 3rd baby arrived 6 weeks early.

Again, we’re back tracking with some old posts to get you all up to date here:

This was written in early January. Actual birth story to come…

I had so many blog posts written in my email ready to launch and post on here …. Then we got the biggest surprise ever. Our 3rd little boy decided to greet us six weeks early (I was 34 wks 5 days pregnant) and to put it lightly it’s been chaotic ever since. I’m pretty sure I’m still running on adrenaline at this point 8.5 weeks in.

While I was recovering from my third c section in the hospital and baby was in NICU for 19 days I wrote the entire birth story. I’ve never posted my other two, but this one is definitely something I’d like to document/post here. 2 of my 3 babies have now had NICU stays. My second boy was in there for about 27 hours on a CPAP and the third, well…he was an extended stayer.

My mom had originally booked her flights from Canada on December 2 for my scheduled c section on December 15 (they take big babies out a week early so his due date was December 22), but as I was getting my middle boys birthday decorations out to decorate for his bday the following day my water broke while I was searching for them in my closet.

Booted it with my middle boy to the hospital while still leaking (lol….) and drove 19 mins to get there on the highway, so….quite the distance!

All to say, that’s where I’ve been the last few months. The next few posts coming will be ones I wrote prior to the chaos. The fun chaos because I absolutely love love love the newborn stage oh my goodness.

K. That’s all I got for tonight. Stay tuned for the day he was born! THAT was somethin’ else….

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