$300 grocery bill. 8 loads of laundry. Oh, just a regular weekend!

Despite my blogging marathon this weekend, I did do more than just sit on the computer and write! In fact I finally did my laundry. Can you just take a wild guess at how many loads I ended up doing? Seriously, I told my Dad this and he just laughed at me.

Eight loads of laundry, washed, dried, folded and put away within 3 hours. I love having access to so many washers down in the apartment complex’s basement. I have to explain this to you though, because it wasn’t all clothing.

  • 1 load of “good” towels”
  • 1 load of old towels
  • 1 load of dark laundry
  • 1 load of whites
  • 1 load of bed sheets
  • 1 load of the under the bed/mattress cover thing
  • 1 load of laundry for Alfie’s bed + his bed cover
  • 1 load of athletic laundry that has to be on the delicate cycle

Sweet moses, I can’t be leaving laundry this long, if/when we move into a place where there is only going to be one washer, and one dryer!

We also spend $300 on groceries last night. I know. How is that possible? Even when I went grocery shopping with my parents we never managed to spend that much with a family of four. I have to say, I haven’t been using my coupons all that often and we were out of EVERYTHING. I’m talking no meat, no parchment paper, no sugar, milk, you got it? Bare bones people. That’s what happened when we tried to clean out the fridge and some of the cupboards before going on vacation to British Columbia.

Our freezer won’t fit anything else. Everything falls out when you open the door, so it’s a bit ridiculous at the moment, but much welcomed. So I have desperately created a menu of the week:

  • Monday: Panini’s
  • Tuesday: Macaroni and Cheese
  • Wednesday: Burgers
  • Thursday: Breaded halibut, carrots and potatoes
  • Friday: Chicken quesadillas

Not the healthiest meal plan, but it gets a belly full and the job done, especially when you have a rushed week and have to work on a Saturday. Boo!!

Soon I’ll have to send out little doggie 1st birthday invitations for Alfie’s friends. HAHA. He’s almost a year old, can you believe how fast that time flew for me? Zippaahh!!

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  1. Okay, you win. I only did 3 loads this weekend. With only one washer and dryer (apparently, Sunday is a popular day for laundry). Duh.

    Ooo, you should totally take pictures of your meals this week! I love seeing food photos, haha. It gives me inspiration and I really need it (since my meals are getting super repetitive!).

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