Skinny Pantaloon

Lately I’ve been loving the slim slender lines that skinny jeans, and pants give me. At work I tend to wear wider looking pants and not liking the style very much and keep trying to remember to get them hemmed to have a more straight leg, than a boot cut or even wider than a straight leg. Know what I mean? I like them to fit more snug in the thigh area and maybe a bit tailored looking towards the calf too.

I do like my work pants however, they just don’t look like they fit me all that great. All of my work pants seem to come from one store, Mexx. I have one pair that fit like a charm that has never been tailored or hemmed. Perhaps I should wear that pair into my tailor and ask the little Italian man to make all my pants fit like that. I’m sure he can, right?

While I was shopping at the West Edmonton Mall, taking advantage of their 5% sales tax (13% in Ontario), I decided to try on a very expensive pair of jeans. Apparently they’re Justin Timberlake’s line? Who knew.

They’re called William Rast, and in the style JERRI. Which I had no idea was “so last season” because I can’t find them anywhere (cheap) online as they’re all sold out. Lame!

Aren’t they wonderful though? I loved the subtle green stitching on the back of the pocket.

While I was on the hunt for those William Rast Jerri’s, I found another pair of WR’s online that have the same flattering back pocket, but just above the pockets on the style above, you see it’s shaped like a “v” that goes all the way around the hips. Well the one’s I spotted online are almost exactly that style, but the “v” is turned upside down.

See? Ehh ehh? This is the Savoy Trouser, and I’m not sure if it’s a skinny jean or not. But I love the arse on it. I need these.

Did you know I only own three pairs of jeans? I know!

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  1. If you love the jeans and they fit well, I say go for it! I can’t believe you only have 3 pairs…seems to me you need to expand your jeans wardrobe :)

    I am so on the same page with the skinny pants leg these days. Isn’t it funny how proportions change with time?

  2. I agree with eek. I you liked it, buy it. They indeed look great on those pictures.

    And yes, you should get some more pairs. Jeans are mandatory in anyone’s wardrobe.

    I have a pair of skinny jeans from Calvin Klein that’s great. Plus they are sold in pratically every big department store, so it’s easy to get some nice discounts.

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