Renewing my passport

For the first time in my life I had to get my passport renewed. I am in the process of doing so now, and filling out the forms. Thankfully, I’ve been here in Ontario over two years so the people who can vouch that I am actually “Nancy”, have known me for 2+ years.

I printed off the forms online and filled them out. Don’t worry, they’re not as intense as they first were when you have to get a brand new passport. No lawyers and letters explaining to the government who you are, at least.

I went to Walmart to have my pictures taken. It only cost $14. Obviously I had no clue as to how much those photos are/were supposed to cost. I was thinking in my head something upwards of $30+. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

My co-worker told me that when he gets back from vacation, he’s going to take me to the passport office during lunch tome time,  since I have no idea where it is. So nice of him!

I look so sad!

Either way, this is the end product. MUCH nicer than my other passport photo which will not be shown. My head in the one from 2005 looks like a gorilla. Huge, square and I felt like yakkin’ when I saw it. Seriously wouldn’t want to have one of those airport jobs letting people into the country even though they have their ID with them. I look NOTHING like my passport photo from before.. I’m surprised I was allowed to travel!

My foundation doesn’t look like it matches my neck, and I’m super paranoid about it now. I just got color matched with a new foundation by Laura Mercier, purchased from Sephora. But when I came home and showed my Boyfriend he reassured me that it isn’t noticeable in person. Great. :( Why does it look so gross? I hate different colored face from neck! Amateur!!

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