I’m not really a poser

You know I don’t run marathons, half-marathons, or even long races. I only entered and completed one 5k race — but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying me a bit of running. Back in December I was told by a Sports Medicine Doctor that I wouldn’t be able to play soccer or run for that matter, until I gave my bruised fibula around my ankle a good long break. A break that would last for a grueling (and on-going) 5 months. I had an appointment in April, to get another bone scan and see if my ankle has healed any. Which it did, thankfully!

But what better way to take a break from running but still keep it in the back of your brain front of your shirt and sport a super comfortable I Enjoy Running warm up tee from Fire Daughter Clothing!

When I found Samya’s Etsy shop I literally-not-exaggerating got goosebumps and convo’ed her after admiring her work. I LOVE coca-cola, no joke. It’s my preferred pop of any sort and since I’m “off the sugar” (regular caffeine coke) I’m still drinking (and probably shouldn’t be) diet coke, as well as diet caffeine free coke. Is that a weird bit of information for you to read? Apologies after the fact, but as I said — I was admiring Fire Daughter Clothing and loved the take on coca cola’s writing but then “I Enjoy Running” was written in place of it. HOW CUTE!! Best of both worlds if I do say so myself. Now, if I could only stop drinking so much pop. Actually, I’m not too bad anymore to be honest.


I absolutely love her upbeat and fun personality. Check out the description of the shirt. Doesn’t it just make your day? It totally made me smile, reading it!

Marathon season is here, and I am pumped!! So pretty much right now I’m running…and running…and running! And loving it, and appreciating every single second that this body holds up! Sooooo I get inspired during my runs to make pretty things, and this little beauty popped into my head when I saw an old “I Enjoy Coca-Cola” t-shirt running past me on the canal. LOVES IT!

I use a long sleeved white burnout raglan, the yummiest of yum shirts, and I hand screenprint my I Enjoy Running design in red, using non-toxic water based ink in my home studio. This shirt is so fabulous to wear at the start of your run, and then shed it as you warm up, and it’s also stylish enough to wear it with Juicy pants or whatev when you’re running ’round town with your kiddos or your girlfriends! 50/50, no shrinkage, runs true to size. I’m wearing a small here. Available in S, M, L. Let me know in the notes what size you’d like please.

CHEERS to my fellow delicious runners out there, good luck with your runs, keep it up, YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!!

What I read about burnout tanks … because I seriously thought that was just the nick name of the tank. That tank is burnt out man! As in “cool”? I am so out of the loop.  Okay, definitely don’t Urban Dictionary that one. It’s so not what I thought burnout meant as a teenager when my Brother called me “burnt”. Well, here’s a mini run-down for you of what burnout tee’s actually are: The Alternative Apparel Burnout Tank is a classic beater tank made of 50% polyester, 50% cotton burnout. Each tank is put through an extensive process in order to create a true vintage, worn-in look. Every Alternative tee is unique, garment dyed and washed.

The shop is pretty neat hardcore, I really love the fabric choice she has chosen for each of these tee’s; and all you Twilight lovers out there? She even has something specifically for you. Ohhh Edward. Sorry, never read the books. Is he the hottie? I don’t find either guy particularly good looking. So ignore that question.

You don’t need to be a runner (or a poser. I did not just say that!?) to enjoy Samya’s Fire Daughter Clothing shop — there are tee’s for wee ones as well as Momma’s out there.  On Samya’s blog (which you should all check out!) she has customized some t-shirts for kids to support their Daddios out there, and I think I may end up purchasing a custom made “Team [Boyfriends last name]” for me to sport at his triathlons in the summer. Wouldn’t that be the most perfect cheer-leading outfit for me? Just thought I’d share that with ya’s.

Treat yourself so you don’t always have to ask yourself, hey..does wrinkle cream work? Because they probably don’t!!!!

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