Cleaned up

My hair cut yesterday went great. I love my hair stylist. I’m not sure if he’s straight or gay, but either way he was telling me about his vacations that he took and all of the hilarious stories about cockroaches, and lizards and drinking lime margaritas.

I think he started trying to make me laugh because he kept going around my head three or four times, and wouldn’t stop snipping away. I piped up quite a few times to tell him a piece of my mind. Not to worry though, he did another great job and undercharged me ($40!) for a Master Stylist hair cut, because he recently moved to a different salon —with hot, straight guy hair stylists. Romanian guys!

So, here’s my hair. Striped shirt was from yesterday and the second photo was taken moments ago. The light in the hallway is making my hair look like a huge grease ball. But I washed it only a few hours ago. What gives? Gross!

Definitely looks thicker in the back, and more cleaned up. I’m not sure what he does to my hair – I’ve only been to him three times and I trust him enough to do whatever he wants with it. I don’t tell him what to do to my hair, he’s experienced enough, right? :) As long as he doesn’t chop it off. Pixi styles do not suit me. I have a boy-face.

He curled it after my hair cut was done last night. Super cute, but not as cute as the very first time that I went to him and I LOOOOOOOVED the hair waves he put in. Remember that?

Ugh, want to re-create!

Have a good night all! I’m off to curl up on the couch and either read a few magazine subscriptions that I’ve fallen behind on, or watch a movie on my laptop. Thankfully today was a warm day and I don’t need to go on the hunt for furnace filters to keep me cozy and warm all night. Hmm..

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  1. Your hair looks super cute! I wish I had a good hairstylist…last time I got my hair cut, it was $60 and the lady gave me these weird wispy ends (I have long hair) and bangs – which I specifically told her I did NOT want. Yeah…there was a lot of crying that night. And ponytails for months! lol :)

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