The cure to all my mani and pedi trips! The only reason I used to frequent my pedi-lady was I noticed that my feet and hands around the cuticle got really dry and just not pretty anymore.

While I was in Edmonton I picked up a Cuticle Oil pen, purchased for $12 at Sephora.

I grabbed this comment from the reviews section of the website, and it describes the pen perfectly.

My worry when I first bought this was that it would run oil all down my nail bed and be greasy, plus easy ear off my hands/nails within an hour or two of daily life (a hand wash here or there, just being exposed to the air). I was pleasantly surprised. You effectively “paint” a thicker conditioning serum directly onto the cuticle, and as long as you aren’t too aggressive about it, you can apply as little or as much as you want. If you want to be extra thorough, you can sort of rub the brush into the drier areas, or just go ahead and rub in with your fingers. It doesn’t feel greasy and feels pretty light, but also holds up to daily activity without necessarily drying out fast/wearing off.
Since I bought the cuticle pen, I have used it perhaps 4 or 5 times (so really once or twice a week, in reality) and I haven’t had to use it more often than that. My toes and fingers look and feel super soft, smooth and healthy.

My hands on the other hand still are scaley and dry looking. Now I need to go on the hunt to find a good moisturizer/oil that will stay on all day. The one that I have been using for years was the Neutrogena Hand Cream. It’s such a thick consistency that I rarely use it because it takes so long to rub in.

I’m definitely not looking forward to having dry feet during the winter. Just thinking about it makes me want to shiver, then soak in a nice bath. Time to pamper!

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  1. Aquaphor makes a nice hand cream but it is also kind of thick. However, it really does work. I used it when I took accutane (prescription acne drug) which made my skin soooo scaly and dry. The Aquaphor definitely helps, just use sparingly :)

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