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I think soon my readers are going to tell me to stop wearing cardigans all week long, just like I should go out and buy more skirts during the summer so I’d stop wearing those long bermuda shorts. Help me get dressed!

You also can’t really tell that the “skinny pants” i’m wearing on Wednesday and Friday are actually two diferent pairs. One’s charcoal (Wednesday) the other is black (today).

As I mentioned on Wednesday, the weeks are just flying by and I’m loving it. I went out and purchased a few things at the store called Smart Set, and ended up with 3 pairs of pants (two of them being “skinny pants”) and one camisole. I may return three items though, since I shouldn’t be shopping right after I got back from vacation.

Wednesday was a super fun day since I went out with a co-worker to one of the two local Universities here in the city where I work/live/play. It was fun to mingle with the athletics department who was hosting the open house. We know them for a few things since we do sponsorships for that one uni. I also checked out the local universities bouldering wall inside one of the buildings. I was lusting after it, and wanted to go home to grab my climbing shoes and get out with them and BOULDER. Alas, I am not staff, alumni, nor a student – I am just a community member. Maybe if I get a hold of one of the athletics department main head-honcho that we deal with, he can swing a dealiooo… I miss climbing.

Thursday’s pants are annoyingly too big. I hate how they look on my thighs. HUGE. I need to get these to a tailor, A-SAP.

Anyway! Happy Friday! Too bad today isn’t payday, it’d be a better Friday in my books. What are everyone’s plans for this weekend? I desperately need to do laundry. Can you believe I’m running out of undies? Who lets that happen? I have so many pairs of those things, that I have never ran out … ever! Time for this lazy butt (ha, pardon the BUM I mean PUN) to get off her arse (HAHAHAHA) and do some laundry. Now, off to go clip some coupons to use for getting deals this weekend — AND get a hair cut! I LOVE getting pampered. Catcha later!

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  1. I liked Monday’s and tuesday’s outfit. Very cute and classy. And yes, the pants you used on thursday are a little big. Wednesday and friday does look great, even though i was a bit concerned about the skinny pants.

    Don’t know what i’m doing this weekend really. Maybe i’ll go see a movie and have a drink with some friends.

    Running out of undies? You always said you had tons. You even got new ones on the recent trip. I think you have a mission for this weekend. Laundry time! =]

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