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Referring back to yesterday’s post… how do you pick out a cleaning lady? I’m always paranoid that they’ll steal stuff on me.

I put together a super cute outfit yesterday. Here’s a sneak peak of it before Friday’s OOTWW. It definitely helps save time in the morning getting everything ready on Sundays, and if I don’t want to wear something that I put together (like yesterday I almost looked like a Nurse, because I first had a white top picked out. It was terrible.) I just grab whatever else is on the shelf and put it on.

Tonight’s running is out, again. I’m still annoyed at my leg injury from soccer. Still feels like a shin splint not on my shin. I’m going to give it a few more days and start running again. I know my endurance has probably plummeted but I’m resting it now to prevent long-term damage. Right? Smart thinkin.

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  1. oh I would never let my parents get a cleaning lady. Nor would I ever get one when I move out.
    I have heard soo many horror stories about them stealing money/jewelry/personal items and not even cleaning things properly.
    The way I see it..why pay someone to do something that you can easily do yourself. It just makes no sense to me.

  2. I had a cleaning lady before. One gal I only used two times before I decided she was out. She just wasn’t any good and it felt like a waste. The other lady I used for over a year and she was awesome. Both of them had references, but the lady I stuck with came recommended by my boss’s wife. And yes…you can clean on your own and it’s free, but my time is worth more to me than the expense of having someone clean. I don’t have anyone since I’ve moved back to KY and I miss it!

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