10 nine 8 seven

The other day Brittany tagged me to do a “10 random facts” about myself and tag 5 others. It took me a while to come up with 10 things. Here we go!

1. I heart food. It’s safe to say that I definitely love food whether it be cooked meals, quick McDonalds burgers, or even chocolate covered almonds. I’m glad to have a metabolism that lets me eat all of this, but then again I do exercise frequently enough to maintain my weight.

2. I miss climbing. Especially back in Newfoundland where there was a huge group of us that always just hung out and climbed at the local gym. I do go back to visit when I am home, but it’s definitely not the same and I miss my crazy muscles!

3. I love what I do. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do in life in regards to my career. I had no idea Graphic Designers existed. I thought they were all Computer Science majors for some reason. I nearly went into that, because I did like math and computers. Thankfully I was introduced to the program and finished it in 2006.

4. I crack my knuckles … and sometimes bite my nails. I think I bite my nails when I’m thinking/working hard or especially if I’m watching an intense movie. I’m trying to get out of the habit, but it’s difficult.

5. Reading Blogs. Clearly, I’m addicted to reading blogs about food, fitness, fashion, friends, and watching Makeup YouTube videos. Recently I haven’t had much time to comment on a lot of blogs or view YouTube videos, but that’s a good thing right? It means I’m busy with life – which is always a good thing instead of being inside on the computer all the time.

6. I don’t own a phone. Neither my Boyfriend or I have our own cell phone, or land line/home phone. The companies we work for supplies us with blackberries and pays for us to use it. We do pay for our own personal usage though like long distance. But I’m sneaky. I call my parents home phone in Newfoundland, let it ring and hang up. They call me back and I don’t get charged! Yay free phones!!

7. I hate onions. If you even mention the word, I cannot look at you for a moment lol. They disgust me to no end. I’d eat liver or something crazy before I eat an onion, cooked or raw.

8. I found some grey hair’s on my birthday. It was disappointing. Clearly I’m running out of ideas on what to post. At least I’m not going bald.

9. I live in flip flops during the summer. Doesn’t everyone?

10. I love Ontario. Travelling up north on the weekends, driving to the states. Everything is so close!!!


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  1. Great list Nancy! I’m with you on #5… I love reading blogs too. I’ve been trying to comment more on them to so I don’t feel like such a creeper, lol.

    I wish I could live in flip flops… I prefer bare feet, but I don’t think my office would appreciate that!

    Nancy says: Oh oops. Ew, I don’t wear flip flops to work haha.

  2. I love love love flip flops!! It’s sad my feet are less than gorgeous with all the training I’ve been doing… but I wear the sandals anyways. Everyone else can just deal with it. :p

  3. Ahhh! I’ve been so behind on my blog reading – just saw that you passed it on to me! YAY! I’ll try to get some facts together for tonight or tomorrow’s post. Thanks for thinkin’ of my girly!
    (P.S. – Love your facts!) ;)

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