I love to climb

Just got back from the climbing gym. I’m so dead. School started today, not so much fun – especially since it’s before Labor Day weekend. SCOTT COMES HOME IN 9 DAYS!!! I can’t wait to seeee him at the airport!! :D :D After school, Stefanie and I decided to buy a 3mth membership at a gym. We worked out today, I ran 2.5 miles in 20 minutes, then lifted weights and did a full body work out for an hour and a half. It was good. I’m sure I’ll be feeling the DOMS in 2 days (Delayed onset muscle sorness). Which won’t be cool, because I have a soccer game on Sept 1st. Yep, the season is still goin strong. Not sure how many games we have left, but I know we’re playing a few in September. Ummmm… k i have nothin to say. Later.

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