Today? Naw, yesterday

I was supposed to drive my Mom to work at 8 o’clock this morning, but she thought I meant yesterday!? Anyway, so now I’ll do my school errands tomorrow. 5 more days left of summer holidays. This blows.

Well, I’ve picked up climbing again. I usually stop in the summers, and do soccer or just work way too much to be bothered with climbing. I climbed two days in a row, and the only parts of my body that are hurting, is just my fingers where I have no callouses now. Just need to build those up, get some more endurance on the lead walls, and I’m set for a good long session.

It’s pay day today. I bought these shoes online. Twooo weeks until I get them. They’re friggen sweet and nobody in SJ will have them. HAH! Oh, download this song I’ve got today. It’s a new favorite of mine. If you like house/techno – get this CD. Alright b’ys, I’m off… Lates!

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