If I were a food blogger, I’d be in need of some cute plates to show off my creations in the kitchen. But I’m not, and we don’t need any more plates in the kitchen as we only cook for two.


BUT! While looking for shower curtains (before the failed No Buy Month, this April) at Pier One Imports, I saw these adorable polk-a-dot plates, bowls and mugs. I ended up scooping them up, and placing 2 large plates, and 2 small plates on the cash counter then continued to walk around the store to think about buying them. I ended up walking out of the store because it would have been a large purchase for me. $8 plates, $6 mini plates.

Maybe I’ll wait for them to go on sale. They were pretty.

I can’t stop looking at kitchenwares though. I read more food blogs lately than anything else. And I mean, check out the cute bowls, plates, and placemats everyone has!



Someone else has a really neat BLUE bowl, but I can’t for the life of me think of who it may be. (Though, the above bowl + plate are so photogentic I feel like they should be in some sort of brochure printing! Pretties!)

I’m guessing some of these are from Target as I read one blogger mention before. Americans have the coolest stuff. I want to drive down to Buffalo, NY to see if there’s a target around so I too can get some cute stuff. Or. Better yet. Anyone in the states want to do a swap with me? lol I have no idea what I could send you, maybe plates too from Winners — ooh and candy! We have better smarties (not “candy” but it’s candy coated chocolate) up here in Canada. I really want some adorable bowls!! :(

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  1. Since I’ve gotten heavy into health blogging and whatnot, I find myself adoring plates and mugs so much more… and I don’t even need them! Really… there’s only so many coffee cups and bowls that one girl really needs! Seriously, I need to focus my spending efforts on more important things. Like shoes…

    Nancy says: I know! Like what’s with me and adoring these plates!? lololol It’s so weird. I made up for it today at least by buying some shoes.

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