Few leftover pics taken during Easter Weekend. Had to plop them somewhere, may as well have them on my website, ya?

Look at him smilinggggg!

Totally pooped at the end of our walk. Sitting on his own! rofl.

Since he was sitting, thought I’d take a picture of myself too. Should have smiled. But these sunglasses poke up when my cheeks rise, hahaha. You understand, right? Plus people wear huge sunnies like this to protect their peepers (aww RIP!) from premature aging. (click here to learn more about eye creams)

This was before our Easter Sunday walk. Tee hee.

Give me your honest opinion on these sunglasses. Are they too big for my face? Most sunnies are. Tell me the truth. In this picture, they make me look like I’m wearing grannies. But when I look in the mirror, they seemed fine?

Little nap time with the pup?

Okay all. Photo post is done! Bye!!

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  1. I like over-sized sunglasses but I always feel like they are too big for my face too. I honestly, think they look fine and I would totally tell you. :)

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