How to make a rubber band ball

You know those not-so fancy rubber band balls that people sometimes have on their desks?

Well, I went to visit my co-worker at the other office (hi frand) and I noticed she had a full rubber band ball made out of mostly blue bands. How pretty looking! I asked her if she made it since it was kind of small. She certainly did.

Amy ended up giving me the rubber band ball because she wasn’t a fan of the blue rubber bands. What?! I know.

I was nearing the end of my blue ball (snicker snicker) and I decided to give Aimster a phone call. I mean, what happens when I run out? I want to know for myself how to recreate the rubber band ball for myself!

I left her a voice mail since she wasn’t at her desk. And instead of calling me back she ended up BBM’ing me step-by-step instructions with photographs to show me how to make your own rubber band ball. Hilarious, right? So I’m featuring Amy on my blog, and the rubber band ball tutorial. Please proceed :)

Step one: tie your rubber band in a to make a rubber band ball-001

Step two: Bundle your knot into itself and add another band on top, criss-crossing to make a rubber band ball-002

Step three: Wrap part of the ball around your finger and add more rubber bands until it forms a ball shape. how to make a rubber band ball-003

Add a shiz ton more bands and you have this! My beautiful rubber band ball at work courtesy of rubber band ballAnd now you have yourself your very own rubber band ball. Lucky you.

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Skin saviors for Winter

I’ve been on a skincare kick lately. Trying to hydrate my skin and keep it moisturized. While I don’t wish to have oily prone skin, I do appreciate that the people who have oilier skin types age slower than those with dry skin.

When I got my facial last Tuesday, the aesthetician asked me if I was in my early to mid twenties. I laughed and told her I appreciated the compliment, so suppose I do look after my skin as it is already if I look like I’m in my twenties. I also enjoyed hearing I have close to invisible pores! Those magnifying mirrors had me thinking otherwise.  At any rate, I want to get back on topic and talk about some of the things that have been tried and true in my body skin care routine for winter.

skin-saviors-for-winter Eucerin-calming-cream Eucerin Calming Cream $12.99 — My Mom purchased this huge tub of cream for me when I complained about dry itchy skin on my hips one year and it’s been a staple in my moisturizing routine since. I only use it during the colder months and it soothes the skin instantly, and keeps it moisturized for the entire day. It lasts a long time since it’s a bit thicker than you’d normally find in a body lotion/cream. You don’t need much. I coat this everywhere: feet, legs, torso, arms and chest.

Hydrocortison-CreamHydrocortisone Cream $4.99 — people have complained that this cream thins out your skin. While it does do that in due time. It only happens if you apply a higher percentage and lather it on more than 1x/day. Since I do not rely on this cream year round I am safe to use it on the crooks of my elbows. My pharmacist neighbour in Newfoundland, and I had a discussion about creams over Christmas. He’s pretty knowledgeable!

Avene-Lip-BalmAvene Lip Balm $15.50 — I only found this out this week, but apparently this is the only lip balm that doesn’t get dissolved by saliva. Meaning it will last an entire 8 hours on your lips keeping them moisturized. It was first created to soothe ulcers (that’s what the Shoppers Drug Mart lady told me. Huh!) on the lips (ew?), but I just coat a thick layer on my lips right before I go to bed and I wake up with brand new soft lips. Note: If you apply a lot, you’ll get a white cast on your lips. It’s not a huge issue for me since I’m fine with looking a little odd from time to time ;) but for some, they may hate that.

What is your skin type?

How do you keep your skin healthy during the winter?

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Fine hair troubles

I have a huge issue. As you can see from my previous post of what I wore on Friday. I’m basically wearing the same outfit – different scarf, same hat and jacket.

I have fine hair. It’s not thin (or so says my stylist) I have a lot of it, it’s just fine. I refuse to wear winter hats during the cold weather due to a bad case of hat head.

I finally found a hat that suited me, and also didn’t give me grief. That is, until I took the bus to work today and I wore my hat for an hour straight. I took my hat off, and immediately felt the back of my head where I have two crowns to feel for any gaps. Sure enough, the darn tootin hat I was wearing has separated my fine hair again on the back of my head, making me look like I”m going bald.

Thankfully I was making a huge enough deal about it at work that people ended up trying to fix it for me and told me not to worry about it. Because they know I’m not going bald. lol

Oh Monday morning issues.

By the way. I took the bus this morning, for the first time since getting my car in October 2009, as my Boyfriend is gone to my mechanic to put my snow tires on for me. It’s funny, when you don’t take the bus for ages I wonder if people realize that I got a car. Maybe they just think I died. Or quit my job. I recognized a man who took the bus with me every morning. I never did speak to him when I was a regular on the bus. But he definitely recognized me this a.m. Staring a bit too long at my face trying to think of where he recognized me from, I’m sure.The buses have changed since I haven’t been on them in a whole year.

Stay tuned for this evening as my contest ends at 10pm EST.

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