It’s a chilly one

An “outerwear” outfit of the day. This photo was taken on Friday just as I was leaving work. Thought it may be cute to post up here as well.

In the striped bag? My tahari boots. I refuse to wear them outdoors if it’s wet out.
In the lululemon bag? My lunch!

I wasn’t always a hat fan, but this season I went into an Aldo accessories free standing store and picked up this loose fitting hat. The sales girl even explained to me how to wear it, lol. I love it!

I’m going to have to take the bus to work this morning. Since I’ve switched offices, and my Boyfriend is more closer to the mechanic than I am — I decided to let him take my car in this morning to get my winter tires put on. Therefor, me having to take the bus. Eee! Exciting.

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  1. So many bags girly!!!

    After my latest ear problems I’m going to be wearing a hat everytime I go outside. I don’t have one so Barbie and Hotwheels it might be until I get a cutesy one like yours! :D

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