Fine hair troubles

I have a huge issue. As you can see from my previous post of what I wore on Friday. I’m basically wearing the same outfit – different scarf, same hat and jacket.

I have fine hair. It’s not thin (or so says my stylist) I have a lot of it, it’s just fine. I refuse to wear winter hats during the cold weather due to a bad case of hat head.

I finally found a hat that suited me, and also didn’t give me grief. That is, until I took the bus to work today and I wore my hat for an hour straight. I took my hat off, and immediately felt the back of my head where I have two crowns to feel for any gaps. Sure enough, the darn tootin hat I was wearing has separated my fine hair again on the back of my head, making me look like I”m going bald.

Thankfully I was making a huge enough deal about it at work that people ended up trying to fix it for me and told me not to worry about it. Because they know I’m not going bald. lol

Oh Monday morning issues.

By the way. I took the bus this morning, for the first time since getting my car in October 2009, as my Boyfriend is gone to my mechanic to put my snow tires on for me. It’s funny, when you don’t take the bus for ages I wonder if people realize that I got a car. Maybe they just think I died. Or quit my job. I recognized a man who took the bus with me every morning. I never did speak to him when I was a regular on the bus. But he definitely recognized me this a.m. Staring a bit too long at my face trying to think of where he recognized me from, I’m sure.The buses have changed since I haven’t been on them in a whole year.

Stay tuned for this evening as my contest ends at 10pm EST.

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  1. I have that same hair problem, and my hairdresser tells me the same thing. Your hair is fine but you’ve got a lot of it. Oh thanks. The bus is terrible here, but when I lived in Victoria, I took the bus all the time and loved not having to be fully awake while being transported to work.

  2. My hair is super fine but it is also super curly and I have a LOT of it. When I was a kid I used to actually get bald spots. Yes real bald spots!! Always in the back of my head too! When my hair is straight it gets kinks so easily and any bit of humidity kills it. In the winter I don’t wear a hat when my hair is straight. Instead I go around (like a dork) with a big hood over my head!

  3. I love how you talk “that darn tootin” lol too funny :)
    My hair is so thick. Wavy and gross I hate it. I always have hair issues :x

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