Colouring my hair at home

It sounds cliche, but you totally get what you pay for. I’ve fallen off track the past few years on my hair care, trying everything under the sun and ignoring the fact that my poor hair needs extra love and care, because it’s kinda high maintenance. It breaks easily, I have fine/thin hair and I can’t wear it in a pony often (because, breakage).

Thinking back to the times when my hair was at its best, was when I was an avid user of Aveda products. I know what you’re thinking, “this is a sponsored post, don’t believe her!“But it’s not. Although I was provided these for review, I reached out to them specifically for this particular line.

Who remembers the days of my orange/yellow vibrant hair? I had it coloured that way for a climbing competition over a decade ago, and it’s actually what caught my now-husband’s eye at a party. Ha!! Back then my hair was at its longest, and healthiest.

During the past few years I didn’t think too much of what product I was putting into my hair, and I was reaching for mainly the cheapest alternatives, and it was.not.helping. My hair literally did not grow past my shoulders for 8+ years. The hair stylists told me to not wash it often (I now was 2-3x/week) and not to brush it constantly, or wear your hair in a pony, etc . etc. etc. I swear nothing worked you guys. I gotta say I think it all boils down to lower quality products I used in the past.

In January 2016 I bought my husband and I silk pillow cases, and started to get serious about my hair-care again. I wanted it stop freakin’ breaking at the base (where my head rests on a pillow — I sleep on my back), and so far so good pals. My hair is slowly growin’ back there. Fast forward 12 years, and I’m now introducing Aveda shampoo/conditioner back into my life. That’s not to say I haven’t fallen completely off the Aveda-wagon (I’ve been using a few of their styling products the entire time).

I now dye my hair at home — the healthy way, with professional dyes not box-dye. I received specific instructions by my hair stylist that I trusted and loved for all the years I was in Ontario for, and haven’t looked back since. It sounds like a complicated mixture, but if you’re interested in the particular colour my hair is right now, I’ll tell you. I prefer my hair to be cool-toned, with zero trace of red although because I am in a warmer climate my hair fades to red regardless. It’s quite the conundrum!

So, first off I’ll mention I dye my hair myself once every 6-8 months. I have the 20 volume base, mix in a 2:1 ratio of volume + hair colour. But for the hair colour I mix two shades together. Most of the Wella 4N/411 (n=neutral) and a capful of 6A Dark Ash Blonde (I love neutral-ashy-hair) and apply to the roots for 30-35 minutes, pull through the colour to the ends at the last 3-4 minutes. Sometimes I don’t apply colour to the ends at all , but when I do I apply the colour to the ends, and immediately jump in the shower to wash it all off.

My hair soaks up colour easily, so I don’t want my ends to get too dark. However this time because I liked the lighter bits on the end of my hair, I kinda did a full-balayage on myself without using a painting technique. Literally just grabbed sections of my hair (after I did my roots) and wiggled the colour throughout certain strands, making it look naturally highlighted. I hope that’s not confusing.

This is the end result!

Then follow through with Aveda’s Colour Conserve shampoo + conditioner combo for a while!

On days that I wash my hair I follow up with a dry shampoo, right after blow-drying. Mainly to give it a bit of grip and volume. I have a couple of favourites, but for the most part I reach for the Aveda dry shampoo (it’s white but I apply it to my hands first then rub them together and va-va-voom it, or sprinkle a bit on my roots directly – don’t SMOOSH the bottle or a bunch will come out and … it will look like you have a ton of weird grey powder in your brown hair). If I’m lazy I’ll reach for an aresol spray like the Klorane one. That is, if I didn’t apply it after blow-drying. I tend to apply dry-shampoo in my hair right before bed, so I don’t wake up with any grease at the root! A little trick I taught myself.

Maybe in a future post I’ll talk about how I cut my hair at home? For the past few years my husband has been doing it, but lately I’ve been grabbin’ a hold of the scissors myself and doing it.

*Disclaimer: I asked the PR folks if I could review the Klorane dry shampoo, and Aveda Colour Conserve products. Not makin’ any dollahs off this. Just tellin’ you some facts. 

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Tangle Teezer vs. Drybar Lemon Drop

TangleTeezer-v-DryBarI’m overdue for a comparison post regarding the two (of three) hair brushes I own.

When I comb through my hair with a regular brush, my hair gets flat at the top, and fluffy/triangle shaped at the bottom. After the Tangle Teezer first came out, I sat back and watched the reviews come in, before I made my decision. I ended up buying one about 2 years ago at Sallys Beauty Supply in Canada. I don’t know whether it was on sale, or the price tag was incorrect but I only ended up paying $8 for it, when it usually retails for $20 or so. I was pretty happy with the discount!

DryBar-v-TangleTeezerI was also a bit stumped as to how to hold the brush, and does it feel comfortable in the lefties hand? A bit of a strange feeling when you’re not used to it. But considering I’ve had mine for a couple of years, I am used to it.

DB-vs-TTNotice the Tangle Teezer’s various height sizes of the bristles?

No exaggeration, my hair is a rats nest when I get out of the shower and Tangle Teezer (TT) is the only brush I will use to get the knots out. The Drybar Lemon Drop (DB) is a brush you can use on wet hair but it’s not as amazing for getting tangles out as the Tangle Teezer. Although once I use TT on my freshly washed hair, I’ll swap it out for DB for blow drying and styling, along with my round brush.

Jeeze, I sound high maintenance! 3 hair brushes?

When I go to Newfoundland, I am only going to be bringing one hair brush with me. I cannot get my hair to blow dry with volume using the TT, so I will be bringing a travel sized Drybar Lemon Drop with me. I will just have to be a bit more cautious with brushing my hair when it’s wet.

This comparison post is difficult for me to pick one or the other being the ‘better’ brush to buy. My only qualm with the Tangle Teezer is that it’s thick and doesn’t have a handle. It’s easy to clean too since it’s all plastic.

Which one would I suggest you buy if it came down to two of them? As much as I want to say the Drybar Lemon Drop, I’m going tohave to opt for the TangleTeezer. Mainly because you can brush from root to ends without issue with the TT, and usually that’s a no-no! I just wish it looked nice (like the Drybar) or had a handle. That’s not to say the Drybar isn’t amazing. It totally is. It is perfect for everything else (it just pulls a little when you brush root to ends) and that is why it took second place. Ooooh :(

Have you used either the TangleTeezer or Drybar Lemon Drop? 

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My (really honest) review of Irresistible Me hair extensions

Irresistible Me hair extensionsFor the longest time I have been wanting to try out hair extensions. I’m the perfect candidate for it, with my thin/fine hair. You see all these beauty vloggers on YouTube reviewing hair extensions when their hair is either already super long, and perhaps also super thick. I reached out to a few companies a couple of years ago to review some extensions, but they didn’t get back to me – and so, I didn’t invest $100+ in buying my own because I wasn’t sure it was worth the money.

Irresistible Me hair extensions reached out to me, and asked me to pick out a set of clip-in extensions to review. I was so excited! I ended up with a middle of the range thickness (due to me not wanting a huge head of hair to try and blend in with my own), so I opted for 140 grams in the length and colour 20″ Royal Medium Brown, which is made from real Remy Hair – apparently the best hair you can get. Although not a perfect match (the hair extensions are a shade or two darker), but it blends in pretty well.

I filmed my entire process of first impressions, and wore them throughout the day. To be honest, I haven’t worn them much outside of the house since. I think it’s personally because I’m a little self concious of the length I asked for.

Irresistible Me hair extensionsGoing from close to shoulder length hair to wearing hair extensions past my ribs seems a little odd. Thinking back, I should have ordered something an inch or two past my regular hair, and use the extensions to gain some fullness to the hair.

Irresistible Me hair extensionsBut c’mon, I wanted to see what I’d look like with crazy long hair again. I can’t seem to grow my hair out past the length it’s at now.

Irresistible Me hair extensionsHalf set of hair extensions in my hair

Irresistible-Me-scragglyFull set of extensions in my hair — my hair is looking a little scraggly at the top. Hard to blend that in when you don’t have much hair.

The first day, they were really easy to curl and style. The second day I tried to put them in, I brushed the hair out from its curls and clipped them into my hair, but after 15 minutes or so, the hair looked really scraggly and it was like I had to cart around an extra hair brush in my back pocket in order for it to maintain a nice look to it. It’s not like they needed to be washed, because I had only worn the extensions for maybe 3 hours the previous day, so I’m not sure it was due to the 140g vs 200g of hair, or what.

Irresistible Me hair extensionsHair extensions outside with flash photography 

Irresistible Me hair extensionsHair extensions outside with no flash photography.

The texture of my natural hair is really soft, and each individual strand of hair is thin. With the hair extensions, it was more coarse hair, and the strands of hair were much thicker. In that regard it’s quite noticeable to me because it’s not as soft to the touch as my own hair.

If I had a regular hair dresser around me that I trusted, I’d bring them in with me to get a few inches cut off to suit me a bit better.

Overall, I would recommend them because you have the option to wear some, or all of the clips depending on the look you are going for. I just need to remember to place them more toward the nape of my neck, and not many clips anywhere above the ear. I just need to play around with the placement of my hair, and have my hair freshly washed/styled in order for them to not be noticeable in my hair when it separates.


  • The clips were secure and stayed in my hair without teasing the hair and damaging it
  • Made my hair look bombshell
  • The hair looked natural in my hair (regardless of if I could tell it was ‘fake’)
  • Hair extensions can be dyed and cut (I think you can only darken, not lighten the hair though)


  • It wasn’t easy to hide in my fine hair, especially if I had any clips above my ear, towards the crown of my head (see me explain it more on the YouTube video I filmed)
  • If I wore all the clips, it felt really heavy, some clips tugged on my hair making it uncomfortable
  • It had a bit of a weird chemical/person smell, I couldn’t put my finger on it

What are your thoughts on hair extensions?

Do you wear extensions? Do you love/hate them? I need your thoughts and opinions! :)

Disclaimer: As stated above, Irresistible Me sent me the extensions for review.

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