Hair cuts

I suppose I’m not all that confident in my current hair stylist. Primarily, because each time I go there he is persistent on me buying more Aveda products. I am the Aveda queen, and I could totally be the spokesperson for Aveda since I own so much by their company. But I just despise that he feels the need to sell it on me.

That, and he straightens the heck out of my already flat hair. It doesn’t make me feel glamorous or special, when I step in there.

You’re probably asking why I keep going back to him. It’s because he cuts my hair fabulously. So much so that I only go back for a hair cut every 5 months or longer! I also hate tipping someone who tries to sell me on something so much. So he gets little money from me. I also decline the head massage and shampoo (as that costs extra). So sixty bucks will be coming out of my pocket, for just a trim on March 26. I don’t recall when the last time I had a trim. Maybe November? Isn’t that gross? At least my hair is getting super long now.

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Me: Circa 03/2005

I’m going in for a hair cut at 6PM this afternoon. But orangeI am seriously considering doing this to my hair again. I remember telling my friend who was also a hair stylist that I wanted something that would catch people’s eye when I was climbing in an indoor rock climbing competition. He asked me my opinion on “green” or maybe it was “red” hair color. I said “YUCK!!” and he then suggested orange and yellow, to which I agreed. lol. He wouldn’t let me look at my hair at all, during the long hours of processing my hair.

I have to say that when I ended up seeing it, I was in a little bit of shock as I consider myself conservative in the ways of hair styling, and well — everything else really!


rockfall05-02At first I thought it was “too out there”. I got a lot of glares, smiles and “oh wow — cool!!” It definitely made me come out of my shell and try new things with my hair. The picture below is me flipping my top layer of hair away (it was dark) so it was pretty subtle the orange peaking through underneath. But when you lifted up that hair. BAM ORANGE.

Pretty intense yeah?


I even remember strangers (!!!) coming up to me and asking if I had clip in extensions because the colors were so vibrant in my hair. (Thanks to Aveda’s Color Conserve) It seriously didn’t even fade, it grew out.

It definitely caught people’s attention, especially at the climbing competition, (maybe it was the red pants, too? haha) because I ended up making the front page of the newspaper that year. NUTS!

Unfortunately now for the last 3 years that I’ve been living in Ontario, I have yet to find a hair stylist that I trust, dying my hair. I found one that I like to cut it but he doesn’t do crazy colors at his salon. So, I think I may go elsewhere for the color, and I’ve even gotten a few recommendations for one salon that is a 4 minute walk from my place, rather than a 15 minute one. I love living in city centre!

Maybe I’ll do this after my B.C. trip in September?

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Aunt Nancy

ootd-july16I named this post Aunt Nancy mainly because it was my nephew’s 3rd birthday when I was wearing it.

Surprise surprise, my outfit is basically all from the store Dynamite. Jeesh! I had no idea I have so many things from this one store in my closet! Guess it’s my favorite g0–to place for work attire.

The top I’m wearing doesn’t get much wear out of it as my purple one does. I bought the purple ruffle top first and ended up absolutely in love with it (meaning wearing it maybe more than once a week!) so I bought the yellow, and white one! Gotta say, it’s pretty difficult to pair the white one with a pair of trousers or shorts because I’d end up looking like a waitress/server! So that barely gets any use.

Wow. I really need a hair cut. Colonix? Not so much needed. Fret not, I booked a hair appointment for July 31!~ Though it got me thinking, I want to go back to my orange/yellow/black/blonde hair days. See what I mean? It looked good, and I miss it!

Top: Dynamite [circa May 2009!]
Cardigan: Smart Set [bought a long time ago but rarely worn because I used to hate the color]
Capri’s: Dynamite maybe $35? [purchased two summers ago when I started working here]
Shoes: Brand name: Seychelle’s. Purchased in spring 2007 from Browns online store in Toronto, and have worn the heck out of them. I mean, look at the toes on them! What a disgrace :) I have yet to make another purchase from Browns. Guess it was a one time only thing. I really don’t like anything they have listed and even if I do like it, it’s like three hundred bucks for a pair of flip flops!

And now for some close ups! First, the capri/bermuda/shorts. Probably not the most flattering photo known to mankind, but what can you do. It was taken swiftly and with my blackberry. So there ya have it. Some minature triangle design with a black satin sash belt to boot. Lovely.

Shoes? I really shouldn’t be wearing these to work. They’re so worn out. They’re the most comfortable soft leather flats available. Decided I needed a backup second pair and ended up contacting the designer of Seychelle’s and asking if they had any in my size in Canada or the US. Unfotunately, I was a few months too late as they stopped making the shoe. Wah wah!


[This ‘outfit of the day’ was worn on July 16, 2009.]
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