Hair cuts

I suppose I’m not all that confident in my current hair stylist. Primarily, because each time I go there he is persistent on me buying more Aveda products. I am the Aveda queen, and I could totally be the spokesperson for Aveda since I own so much by their company. But I just despise that he feels the need to sell it on me.

That, and he straightens the heck out of my already flat hair. It doesn’t make me feel glamorous or special, when I step in there.

You’re probably asking why I keep going back to him. It’s because he cuts my hair fabulously. So much so that I only go back for a hair cut every 5 months or longer! I also hate tipping someone who tries to sell me on something so much. So he gets little money from me. I also decline the head massage and shampoo (as that costs extra). So sixty bucks will be coming out of my pocket, for just a trim on March 26. I don’t recall when the last time I had a trim. Maybe November? Isn’t that gross? At least my hair is getting super long now.

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  1. wish i could find a decent hair dresser! I just got mine cut this weekend and its not that bad but im not in love with it:(

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