Old habits die hard

Alfie is spoiled.

Ever since giving him a full can (over the course of two and a half weeks) of wet puppy food, mixed in with his dry, he hasn’t been eating or “being on schedule” for the last few days. I was determined to make him eat his food, so I hand fed him. Pathetic, right? He needs to eat! He’s a growing pup and his bones need to get good and strong as he grows. So he sat in my lap as I fed him and he gently took the food from my fingers, until the bowl was clean.

I know that giving your dog wet food isn’t advised, but our veterinarian mentioned we should just give him a taste (I guess a can was little more than a taste. But at $3.09 + tax a can I’m not throwing it away!) in case he ever had to eat it later on in life. I’m sure NO dogs would have any trouble gobbling that pure goodness down. Filled with fat, chicken, peas, potatoes. It smelled so good I almost wanted to eat it.

Scott said it looked like vomit. Which turned me off it immediately, thinking I wanted to eat part of it with Alfie. Kidding kidding.

Today I had to hand feed him once again. I think he’s catching on that if he doesn’t eat, he’ll be able to sit in my lap and enjoy being hand fed. This is going to definitely come to a halt, pppreeetty soon. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s on the best cholesterol medication!

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