What do I use?

Shampoo: Aveda Rosemary Mint. I could be the spokesperson for Aveda. Look at how much I own! I know a lot about their line and I freaking love all of it! Except the stuff that’s made for coarse/thick hair obviously, since my hair isn’t like that. Oh, and everything smells like a hair salon when you use it. Mmmm hair salon.

Conditioner: I use the Aveda Rosemary Mint and then I use a leave-in conditioner that’s almost all gone called AG but I’ll probably just go back and buy an Aveda leave-in next time I’m at the salon.

Treatment: I never use that stuff on my hair.

Styling products: I freaking love Aveda’s volumizing tonic, and phemolliant. I ran out of both about a month ago, and have yet to pick some more up. NEED. TO. But my hair hasn’t been too flat lately. Maybe I don’t need it anymore.

Styling tools: I let my hair air dry or in a towel, then I blow dry it with an Aveda round brush and use my misikko straightener.

Shower gel: I actually use a Victoria Secret PINK kind that I won from Pam’s giveaway a few months back. It smells really fresh, but it’s almost all gone.

Body moisturizer: I rarely use one, but when I do it’s a Johnsons & Johnsons baby one in a white/pink bottle.

Deodorant: After using my coupons and getting some free Secret deodorant, I’m still using some random brand I just opened from Christmas. It’s called Balea  Body? Weird. It’s okay, I wouldn’t buy it again.

Fake Tan: Aue naturalee. Meaning none! I am sporting a bit of a sunburn now. Maybe it’ll turn into a tan. Only time will tell.

Cleanser: I just use soap…lol OH WAIT. That’s not true. I use Marcelle’s line for makeup removal.

Toner: Rarely use it, but it’s again a Marcelle (hypoallergenic type).

Facial moisturizer: Clean & Clear. Probably for teenagers, but whatev. It works for me.

Exfoliator: St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub once or twice a week. Not really sure what it does, but I like the smell.

Primer: I only use one because it came in the Laura Mercier starter kit. Once that is used up I probably won’t buy it anymore.

Foundation: I used to use “Rimmel Long Lasting Finish”  in  the shade 103.  Until it ran out (I still have 2 tubes of backups though) and I switched to using Laura Mercier’s foundation that I bought, and also Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation. I need to do a review of the Chanel, but I find that I’m using Laura Mercier’s product more often.

Foundation brush: MAC 187 stippling brush for a flawless airbrush finish. Voilaaaa

Concealer: Lise Watier’s concealer wheel. This is a a definite re-purchase on my list. Fantastic and if it’s drying out a bit, add a bit of moisturizer to it!

Powder: Don’t like using powders on my dry face. I used to use MAC’s studio fix powder, but  haven’t replaced it since I used it all up.

Blusher: Peachykeen and Blossoming, both by MAC (I reviewed them here. They’re basically the same color lol)

Bronzer: Hoola by Benefit. Literally almost out. Hit pan and beyond. I’m too cheap to buy another one but it’s such a gorgeous color. I also am interested in trying Nars – Laguna bronzer. Heard that one is quite popular as well.

Highlighter: I’m not that involved with makeup. I do have some iridescent powder from MAC that I received as a sample, and I even bought some which I rarely used. I don’t even know what it’s called. I don’t use it!

Eyeshadow base: I’ve been lazy lately and using my eye shadow base as my eye shadow color. So Rubenesque paint pot by MAC is my go to eyelid color these days. Peachy, gold, and summery.

Eyeshadows: NIL at the moment. Occasionally I’ll reach for my Sedona Lace palette, but that’s rare right now (I don’t wear much in the summer).

Eyeliner: CoverGirl, not sure of the name/color/line.  But it’s a click-up gel/pencil thing. I also rarely use that.

Curler: I hate metal eye lash curlers, they’re too harsh. So I like to use plastic ones. I recently picked up a Sephora one.

Mascara: Sephora lash plumper. I didn’t think I’d love a huge mascara brush, but this one is incredible. It’s not spidery and the sample size I received, totally rocked. So I bought the larger version. I got ultra black when I bought the big version.

Lipstick: Don’t wear it often, but I have 3 tubes of GOSH Darling lipstick

Lipgloss: I like my avene lip balm instead.

Nail Colour: I rarely wear any color on my fingernails, but on my toes it’s some pink shade by OPI that I got done a while ago. Time for a new pedi!

I tag all of you! Again! Do it up, either leave your answers in the comments, or post them on your website. I love reading everyone’s answers :)

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Aveda too! I have tried to find other produts that smell like Aveda (Rosemary Mint) but it is impossible! No one can seem to duplicate that smell. I am happy with the product but am a serial hair dresser and hair product cheater..always on the prowl for the next best thing. Unfortunately or fortunately I can’t seem to find anything I like as much as Aveda.

  2. WOW! This is a great list! I am going to have go check out some of your favorite products! Have you ever tried Dove deoderant? That stuff is the best! :)

  3. LOVE your list! I was planning on doing something similar to this for my Fashion Friday post this week. ;)

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