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I’ve been in the mood to order a nice peachy blush for summer. I have only owned one blush for a good long time and it’s a blushcreme by MAC cosmetics. It’s called  Blossoming and it’s an absolutely terrifying to color to new blush users. It looks so vibrant in the pot, but when you dab your finger in just ever so lightly, and rub it between your two ring fingers, it applies so lightly and very flattering.

This time though, I decided to go for a powder blush. I’ve been thinking about it for a good 6 months to a year and the MAC makeup artists always recommended one color in common (along with several others), and that is Peachykeen powder blush!

I tried applying the Peachykeen (powder) blush on myself after a full days work and after most of my makeup rubbed off my face. But I don’t notice that much a difference between Blossoming (cream), and Peachykeen. Sure, blossoming is a smidgen pinker than Peachykeen. Then again, peachykeen has a sheen/shimmer to it. At least I know what colors work for me. But I’m a tad bit disappointed in myself for ordering the same shade and not getting something different. Maybe next time…

Blushes and primers last me such a long time — I’m talking a LONG time. I don’t even remember when I ordered Blossoming Blush Cream. I don’t think I had braces on at that point, so I’m thinking 2007? Is that gross? I don’t care. I only recently “hit pan” (you can see the bottom of the blush starting to end!?) and it’s doing well!

Using my MAC paint tubes as a base for my eye shadows (again, which I don’t wear on a daily basis) has lasted me a good three years as well. I mean, check out how tiny the tube is. Obviously this is the old tube and squat to death, but you get the jist.

I decided to try something different in regards to the paints and to keep my eye shadow from creasing during the day. MAC Paint pots and I picked up something that I normally wouldn’t go for: a peachy/pink on my eyelid. Sure, I’d use this color as an eye shadow. I have dark eyelids and I used to like to brighten them up with either concealer (that would rub away or crease during the day) or my go-t0: Paints, or now Paint Pots by MAC. The Bare Canvas paint that I used was a flesh toned color that suited me quite well, and I decided to just try out Rubenesque paint pot. It was an intimating color to swatch on your hands as it looked more gold with some pink and peach undertones to it. However, when I applied it to my lids, it just … did something, and looked fabulous on me!

Have you tried out any new makeup colors or products? It doesn’t even have to be MAC related. Just anything in general!

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*This offer is valid through 11:59 pm EST Monday May 31, 2010 on orders shipped to Canadian addresses only.
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  1. i never wear blush! again it seems like a lot of work!

    Nancy says: I don’t wear it all the time. But if I had to pick/choose between that & bronzer. I’d go bronzer all the way. I love having a fake tan lol

  2. I used to use Mac Studio Finish fluid makeup, but I ran out and it was expensive and I just never repurchased it. Then I wore Bare Minerals for awhile. Well, I got sick of it, so my last go-round was Rimmell Stay Matte foundation. I’m about out…and I think I might try Makeup Forever HD Finish. We’ll see. I want to get color-matched at Sephora but I’m always embarrassed to go the mall w/no face makeup on.

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