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Before purchasing my White Mazda 3, I was debating getting a white or a black car. There was so much talk when I asked people on which car would get dirtier, faster.

It’s been nearly 7 months since I bought my car, and I have yet to wash it once myself. When I brought it in for servicing, they washed it for me  (without asking me. Big flaw in my opinion. I don’t want randoms scratching my car) — but that was back in January or February. My parents back home have a black car. I remembered that it looked dirty, quickly. I don’t like having a dirty/dusty car and I’ve been vacuuming the inside and dusting the dash on my car quite frequently. Everyone who sees me at soccer says it won’t last long.


Some people like to have their cars neat and tidy. Like me! The end of our soccer game I had my team mate and I sit on towels because I didn’t want our sweat to absorb into the seats. A players husband told me “Oh, that’ll last another two months” and I’m like Hay buddy. This car is “old news” to me lol.

Oh. Right, back on topic. So my car isn’t really all that dirty. If it was, I would have washed it by now. What I dislike though about my car is that Mazda is known for their bad paint jobs and the pain chips easily on their cars. As does mine. However they’re little pin-pricks of a chip and you can barely notice it. But I’m getting them fixed and I’m doing it myself. The boyf and I are going to sand down (literally it’s like a pin prick size) parts of my car and paint them with the car’s paint that you can get from the dealership.

After all that is said and done — I’m bringing it to a place where my CEO brings his car and getting it washed and waxed for a pretty penny. But it’ll be worth it, even the rims will be a sparklin’. I even have plans on taking my car to a certain area around the city to take neat pictures of it. Don’t laugh! There’s actually some nice pictures going around. Check out the one’s I found online, below:

(pics grabbed from TM3)

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  1. Since I got my driving license I have bought about 15 vehicles (cars and motorbikes). This fact makes me feel really old and allows me to afirm that a grey pearl car stays clean for ever!!!!. Unfortunately I always buy second hand engines so I can´t always choose my colour.

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