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As you can see in the ‘before’ photos, I look much happier. I got my hair cut yesterday, thought it doesn’t look like much is cut off, there is. It’s not something I spent my money on, on a regular basis. Last time I posted about my hair cut back in August, and I was long overdue back then. It was my first time going to this new salon that just opened up in the city. I’ll totally be going back to the owner who cut and dyed my hair back then. I’m a fan of male hair stylists who like long hair on women, as he is. The dye didn’t hold up long when I had it done in August, mainly because I think my hair is damaged beyond repair? I don’t know…but I probably won’t let them do it again until I have a bit more extra income since that crap is expensive! He mentioned that my hair was fried. Of course it’s fried, I’m an idiot and only whip out the flat iron whenever I need a trim, trying to save money and not go to a salon. So instead, I wait like 10 weeks until my hair is damaged, get a hair cut and be disgusted at how short it has to be in the front due to me having full access to it in the mornings. I mean, I rarely straighten what I can’t see (the back)….and the back is so much longer, and healthier. Why do I do that to myself? So my hair stylist totally convinced me to either stop straightening my hair or buy Aveda Brilliant to mix in with my smoothing serum. I opted for the latter, of course. Why must my hair be weak and thin? I need to take a pledge or something and make myself not straighten it. Who’s going to slap my hand when I break the rules though?

It’s been a really productive weekend. Saturday morning I got up semi–early (9:30) and got myself ready for my hair cut. Came home, decided that I’d be a bitch and take up all five of the washers downstairs to do six loads of laundry. Hopped on facebook for a while, and noticed my brother figured out how to upload photos!

We finally got around to getting the darn air conditioner out of the window. Every morning we wake up, it’s enough to freeze the boobs right off ya. We’ve been putting it off because neither of us wanted to go on the balcony where the wasps nest was. I think they’re dead now…

Today…was commenced with more cleaning, while blasting amazing feel good music. It was much needed, we tidied up a lot, and put away old things that we he never uses. We’ve been cleaning all day, and even though it’s only four o’clock… I’m taking a break and writing this entry. As is he, with sleeping on the newly cleaned sheets.

Sundays are the best.

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  1. I think your hair looks gorgeous! It’s good to get rid of the dead ends. I just did that recently and it seems to be growing much nicer now. =) I had all these layers that were just soo awful and uneven from the short cut I had a while back. I totally slack off on cutting mine. lol

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