2 months of hair drama

I cause such drama in my life, mostly involving my hair. I started out with ‘virgin’ hair as the stylists like to call it. I didn’t dye my hair for I would estimate 2 years. I grew it out. I got bored. When I went into the salon in April my hair originally looked like this:

I wanted to re-dye my hair the way I had it back in 2005. Almost black, with some vibrant orange. As in the opposite of dull. Not too hard to comprehend, right? Circa 2005:

I was so excited to get this re-done! I even brought in this exact image printed out on a sheet of paper. However, I came out with this a few hours later:

Where’s the bright orange? Clearly not what I wanted. Of course it looks okay for anyone else’s hair dye job. But I wanted bright, different, bold. This wasn’t the change I had hoped for.

A few days later I went into the salon to tell my stylist I wanted to get parts of it bleached out and get the color orange I had wanted originally, put in (for free). It looked great, but he must’ve not known what he was doing because he didn’t leave the color in long enough (it was darker on one end than the other). I left semi-happy.
I left the orange color hair in for two days without shampooing my hair. I used my trusty well known Aveda’s Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner and routinely washed my hair.

All the orange damn dye came out. FOR SERIOUS? Dreadful. I was so unbelievably annoyed. One flipping wash. I gave it a few more days and sure enough it completely washed out within a few shampoos. I was not going to let this happen to my hair. I was so annoyed at the whole entire process that I wanted him to just dye over the orange, back to brown. Forget about my whole orange-phase and move on from the whole ordeal.

Back to black. All over. The image on the right is before the whole hair fiasco started. My natural color shall I say.

Of course I don’t blame him but after three trips to the salon, my stylist ended up deleting me from BlackBerry messenger, and I never went back to him for my following appointment to get a trim. In fact, I ended up going back to the salon I left a few years ago and didn’t even call to cancel. BOOM, in your face buddy. That’s what he gets for deleting me, I’m brave enough not to call the salon to cancel an appointment, hahahahhaa. It’s a good thing I decided to never go back to that stylist again because my bleached out “orange” pieces ended up fading to blonde, and I had some nasty mustard color goin on for a few months.

It looked uneven, and just weird at the sides. There was no end to it! Randomly, one day last week I decided to buy a boxed hair dye during my lunch and go to town to try and get my natural hair color back. Silly me. Why would I use a box dye? Everyone knows that’s a bad decision. Especially when it has the color ash in it. Too bad I tweeted it all while it was already on my hair. Umm..

It turned out like this. Strawberry blonde roots, dark brown at the crown, and a nicer toned natural brown on my mid-hair shaft.

Disaster. However, the people at work mentioned it didn’t look too bad. I even told them I could handle the honesty. Personally, it just looked too uneven, and you know how when you it doesn’t look good you just don’t have the confidence to pull it off? It wasn’t a “I’m going to cry now” hair disaster. It wasn’t as bad as some hair dye jobs I’ve had. Probably because it was my fault and no one else’s lol. But I wasn’t pleased.

Friday morning I called the salon that I went for my last trim. “My guy” wasn’t working, and I had to get a substitute. Whatever, anything to fix that mess.Apparently he didn’t know what he was doing because he kept going over to the female stylist and asking questions as to what color to use, cool/warm colors, and how long to leave it on for. Umm… great.It only took about an hour to do my hair all over again. Surprisingly it came out well.It’s a nice warm brown. A natural brown. FIN-EFF-ALLY! ARGH.

I swear to you, if this color fades out, looks weird after a month I’m promising myself right now that I will not touch it. I will not color my hair for a very very long time again. I think my hair needs a much needed break, especially if I think I”m going to be growing it out to this length again.

Deep conditioners, and no-heat are going to be my new BFF for the next little while…

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  1. HAHAH! I just dyed my hair a few days ago. Don’t forget hairspray with SUNSCREEN! Color reacts to the UV rays & changes!

    Nancy says: Seriously? What do you use on your hair? :(

  2. You are the bravest person I know! I am such a wimp when it comes to my hair…I never die it or anything!

    Nancy says: Ugh, tell me about it. I wish I wasn’t as brave, haha!

  3. Girl, you have had an ordeal!!! I cannot believe your stylist deleted you from BBM…that’s really mature of him, when HE”S the one that did a poop job in the first place! Ugh, ridiculous, better off without him. Your box dye job doesn’t really look bad, kind of just like you have some heavy low-lights in front, but I know if it wasn’t what you were going for it would be aggravating (been there, done that! KNOW the feeling!) Glad you have something now you’re more happy with! It looks very natural :)

  4. What an awful saga! I feel like so much self esteem is tied to hair too….

    Either way – you look gorgeous, girly!

  5. A real saga indeed. Glad it’s finally over and you liked the results.

    I used to die my hair when i was teen, but i don’t have the courage to do it anymore. You are brave indeed.

    PS: I think your hair original color is great (judging by the pic you posted), plus the current lenght looks great on you.

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