Wanted: iPad

Here’s the deal.

My boss bought a brand new iPad and once again I’ve become addicted to playing Diner Dash on it, during my lunch break. I just cannot get enough of it. I’ve blogged about the Diner Dash app before, and my friend even sent me a registration key so I could keep playing it on my PC.  But it’s not as much fun as using the touch pad on the iPad.

At home, we have a PlayBook which I’ve never used. Probably because it doesn’t have the app that I want, yet readily available. I suggested to him this weekend that I get an iPad for myself for my trip to California in August. I even have a Apple Store promo code I could use to make it a bit cheaper. But it’s not that realistic of a need for right now. My PC and laptop are from 2006 and need to get replaced preferably with a netbook or a laptop. Having new gadgets to play with, like the iPad are really fogging up my visions. I kinda just want to go out and be loose with my money and just go GET one using a ThinkGeek coupon.

I suppose I could still blog using an iPad, right? Plus it’s so much lighter and easier to carry around than a laptop.

We’ll see what I come up with. There’s definitely going to be something purchased before my trip.

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  1. I’m wanting an iPad also but I need a fullsize laptop or PC for home…I have a netbook that serves the travel purpose and the iPad won’t replace the PC/laptop full functionality. At least that is what I’m told.

  2. I’m in Vegas right now (yes! super exciting) I have a netbook I bought for $300 and omg it’s so awesome to travel with. It’s not touch screen obviously, but iPad is kinda out of my price range for what I get. My netbook is no primary computer replacement but it’s great for toting around (it fits in my purse!) and it pretty much the same as a regular laptop. :-)

  3. I totally want an ipad as well, but with a macbook and an iphone, I don’t really need one. lol
    Also you can totally blog using an ipad. it’s basically like a computer. My sister uses one for work.

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