I lived with a girl in 2007 who owned her own townhouse. Her Boyfriend also lived with her at the time and they rented out the master bedroom of their house while they stayed in the dark dingy basement. Smart move of them, since they could make more money on the master and cope living in the almost window-less basement.

I think I found it on kijiji when I had to move out of another spot, who was selling their home. I often forget about living at that place, mainly because I was traveling back and forth to a different city to visit my Boyfriend and to find a job and I never spent much time at that place. But what I remember most about living in that place was that she was a vet student and the master bedroom was so bright with the craziest amount of natural sunlight, and ugh just absolutely massive with two closets. See what I mean?

The apartment was filled with animals. I forget how many cats (between 3 and 5 lol) and the bunnny!

I just recently found out that one of the girls on my soccer team is in vet school and getting all the veterinary resources she needs to learn to become a Doc. I wonder if one of them will end up at the Playa del Rey pet hospital.

We had an issue with our vet when Alfie was getting his dew claws (and baby teeth) removed. He was born with one of the dew claws not fully attached, so they decided to remove both hind dew claws. The vet we went to ended up really messing up one of his little legs and it got sore and infected. Alfie was hobbling on his three legs and favoring his sore one. You can read about my little rant about that here.

Poor little fella.

Wouldn’t you know, that the next time we went to the vet, we found out that the Doctor ended up sellign the practice and there was some other random vet in her place. She didn’t notify any of her patients, not that we would’ve cared that she left. But it was really strange to walk in and see everything set up the same, with completely different assistants and vets.

Have you ever had any weird issues with your vets?

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  1. Dang, I always wondered if we should have had our golden retriever’s dew claws removed (ya know when he got two other things removed) but we never did. Strange about all the vet trouble you’ve had. I have stuck with the same vet for a couple of years and we love her!

  2. Have never had a problem with a vet, groomers on the other hand…. I had a golden retriever (who we put down 2 years ago- he was 14) and in the summer we would have him shaved down since he would be so hot. Anyways one time the groomer cut one of his pads on his paws, it got infected and after many vet visits and antibiotics, it healed. It took almost a year. Also in that groomer visit he picked up fleas!!! Ugh was not happy. I have 2 cats now and their vet is awesome and I shopped around prices and they have the best prices.

  3. I took my boyfriend’s cat to the vet to be spayed a few years ago. They told me she was already spayed. Um… she was a kitten when he got her… clearly not a good vet!

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