Quiet, we’re at Stanford!

ootd-Stanford-headerI don’t always have a photographer at my beck and call, but luckily I had an equally excited friend to have a photoshoot. One day in April we headed out to the incredibly beautiful Stanford University campus before Megan moved back to Canada, and I went on my mini vacation to Newfoundland. It was such a fun day hanging out with her, and trying different poses – and getting really excited about snagging a good shot, squealing then high fiving one another, until we realized how loud we were being. We saw a ton of those fancy lookin’ ivy league male students look out the window at us wondering WTF we were doing. That’s when we raced away, changed into another outfit and started all over again. In another location on the campus ;) You can see Megan’s photos here.

I swear this part of campus was in movies. I knew I recognized these arches even before seeing them in person. But from where?? Does anyone know if it’s ever been in the hollywood movies?



ShoesMegan and I snuck into one of the buildings in campus to use the bathrooms. Hey if they’re not meant to be used, they would’ve locked the main doors am I right? There, we re-applied our lipglosses, brushed our hair and talked how amazing it would be to run into James Franco. He’s from Palo Alto originally. I doubt he’d be hanging around Stanford Campus during the middle of a day at University’s year end. Never know though! Unfortunately we didn’t spot him. 



Memorial-CourtThis area above seemed like a communal area. Surprised I snagged this shot without anyone in it. It’s the Memorial Court part of Stanford Campus. So many archways, so many pretty photo op’s.

White-on-Grey-gigglesHey, gotta keep in those awkward bloopers am I right? I crack up every time I see my hilarious facial expressions and poses.




Megan and Nancy StanfordCan’t do a post talking about one of my favourite people and not include her pretty face! This is Megan in case you guys haven’t visited her awesome blog yet. Go go!


Outfit details:
Joe Fresh tee | American Eagle belt | JC Penny brand skinny jeans | J.Crew Factory suede ballet flats | Ardene sunglasses

Stanford University
Main Quad area
Stanford, CA 94305

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    1. @Ashley @ A Lady Goes West: Thanks Ashley! Yeah, I knew about this place only a few weeks before I decided to go there for the OOTD pics. I saw it on my friend’s FB wall and I had to ask where the heck her picture was taken (just under the arches, so I didn’t realize it was Stanford — omg such a pretty university!), and I didn’t want to just take pictures with no one in them, so we did outfit day pics :)
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  1. I have never heard of this college, but glad you had fun hanging out on the campus. I hang out at Harvard sometimes and love it.

  2. What a gorgeous campus! I love all these pics. I also recognize the arches but can’t place any of the movies they have been in.

  3. Awe yay! One of my fave posts. (Haha, totally being biased there.) I’m so happy to hear you went and that you guys had fun! Did you get a chance to view the inside of Memorial Church? It’s gorgeous inside! If not, more reason for another visit back to Stanford!

  4. Stanford is such a beautiful place! We are very fortunate to live close by here in the San Francisco Bay Area. By the way, I had not idea that JC Penney even made skinny jeans! Looks like I’m headed over there this week to check them out for myself.

  5. Oh wow! That campus is beautiful. I love your outfit – your shoes are the perfect pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit.

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