Triathelete tests out GNC protein powder

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FitFluential is a nationwide network of fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline via multiple social media platforms. FitFluential is also a social media agency that creates unique contextual marketing campaigns for brands interested in connecting with fitness enthusiasts.

I’ve written in the past mentioning that I am a FitFluential Ambassador. Basically what that means is that I’ll be dealing with FitFluential brand partners. If a new product or social media campaign launches I will be given the opportunity to participate in reviewing in the brand or product available to others. The entire FitFluential team is forever growing and we’re up into the hundreds now. I’d like to think I have an advantage being Canadian and all, since we’re the minority for now.

That’s my Boy! All photos of my hunky-dory boyfriend taken by yours truly.

I had the chance to let my Boyfriend try out a Whey Protein Powder from GNC Canada. Since he drinks those all of the time, and I’ve only had sample cups of them at Triathlon race sites, I thought it would be better to pass along this one to him, as he pretty much knows his stuff.

I didn’t want him to review it til he was almost all the way through the powder. We received this giant jug of it back in January and he’s been drinking it after every workout since.

See the headlines now, hey? Triathelete tests out GNC Canada protein powder. You can buy it for $49.99 for a 908g tub.

So my Boyfriend says that this is one of the better protein powders he’s ever drank. It’s because the powder itself is very fine and easy to mix.

Glug glug glug!

All mixed up.

As for the taste? Which is probably the most important part because you don’t want to be gagging on a nasty shake after a hard workout. I quote my Boyfriend when he says: “The shake doesn’t have the normal protein stank to it“. You can always taste the strong protein in protein shakes but with this one it’s mild and clearly easy to get down.

Thanks to GNC and FitFluential for the opportunity to review the protein powder. All opinions are 100% from my boyfriend ;)

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  1. I enjoyed your experience and the support and your boyfriend give each other. Have you ever tried Herbalife 24 sports line? It is certified by BSCG and was one of two products allowed at the last olympics on the floor for consumption of the athletes. Also the creator of the pre workout “Prepare” won a Nobel Prize in nutrition for his products. The protein your using looks alright but if you are an elite athlete then why not have the best in you. “Rebuild Strength” is the protein of my choice, i’ve tried GNC’s products, and in my opinion as clinician, retail products are just full of fillers and get no results. Retail products are required to have 70% of the label be accurate meaning the other 30% is fillers. Olympic and Pharmaceutical grades are 99.9% and are held to a higher quality standards. Also retail stores , don’t hold you accountable or even follow up. I like to have another expert to talk with about what is or isn’t working, someone who is a nutrition expert. Just food for thought, take care, keep up the good work

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