23 hours door to door, and we’re back!

Well, after some radio silence on the blog — we’re back in California after a lot of flight delays, 1 cancellation and many many flight changes. The Guy and I were supposed to fly back from Newfoundland to California on January 5, but our luck of the draw there was a snow storm, which cancelled our flight as soon as we went through security, waiting at our gate for the flight. I thank our lucky stars we have our family directly located in St. John’s, so it wasn’t like we had to travel too long to get to the airport unlike some other poor ol’ souls.

Newfoundland is coldStating the obvious: Newfoundland was cold.

January 10 was the earliest we could get out of St. John’s. Without making the story boring and long winded, American Air co-shares their flights with WestJet and it was the earliest one available that we could get on, with Alfie, and with it in a one day trip flying to San Francisco. Our flight coming back to California was laughable by the end of it. The entire trip door-to-door from Newfoundland to California took us 23+ hours. It was rough going, especially travelling with Alfie. We took good care of him, especially with the 9 hour stop over in Toronto taking him outside his kennel to piddle, eat and drink in the family washroom since we were through security/customs. He was a fantastic little trooper, the little guy didn’t cry or bark the entire time. I think he had it rough going, being in his kennel for so long. Let me tell you, he was some happy to be home in our California home. Free reign!

We’re so glad to be back in the California warmth, and after a good nights sleep on Saturday night, we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed only to realize our heat wasn’t working, 17°C/63°F (inside) has never felt so cold. I’m heading over to the office this morning to ask the management if they can fix that for us again. We had them coming in on December 22 or 23 to fix it, but clearly it still doesn’t work, and who wants to really call someone in on Christmas Eve to fix your heat? Especially since we were leaving for Canada the next few.

I checked our mail box yesterday and it was overflowing with parcels and of course bills and flyers. To give you a preview of what I’ll be blogging about within the next little while, I snapped this photo on Instagram of our nice surprises.

I’ll be back to regular blogging later this week! It’s good to be back :)

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Canada to California: Day 2

My car was packed to the brim with suitcases that we had brought into the hotel the night before. We are the worst packers in the universe. I think we brought in SIX suit cases through the snowy parking lot in Illinois.I tried my best to put most of it into one or two that we could access easily through the drivers seat of my car since the other doors were inaccessible from the trailer keeping it in.

After the coldest shower I’ve had in my entire life we were on the road again to start day two of our drive and headed back out on the road. The breakfast lady from the Indiana hotel gave us a few bagels, and fruit for the road and told us to have safe travels. I kind of wanted to hug her. Scott Nancy and Alfie Uhaul

The first half or more of the drive across the nation was quite boring. It looked the same as what we were used to, and we thought we’d be in the clear with these sunny dry roads in Indiana. driving across the USA

But as soon as we hit Illinois we spotted 7 cars who had spun out into the ditches a span of 15 minutes. The roads got a little bad for an hour or so and then we were fine again once we got to Missouri.

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