Moving isn’t fun

But it can be, when you hire someone!

I’m not moving, by the way.

There are so many people moving out of their houses during this time of the year. I have spoken to a few people on my lunch break at work and I know two that are selling their house for sure. During the winter time, I’m freezing almost 100% of the time, and I couldn’t bare to get packing and start boxing up everything when I’m cold. I now see why people say ‘spring cleaning’ because they’ve been boxed up in their home all winter long, not wanting to move, or pack – like me.

A couple of people were asking for suggestions for moving companies, and since all I ever had to do was really just move my bed, a dresser and desk from a one bedroom place into our apartment, I never really did go looking for moving companies. I did it all myself with a rental u-haul. Schumacher Cargo Logistics is a place that another someone suggested to her.

When we move out of our one bedroom apartment, we both agreed that we’d hire someone to move all of our stuff out into a house for us. There’s no way, with the amount of stuff we have at our place, that we can move it with just the two of us.

Plus, I’m kind of a weakling.

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