Almost 7 years

The boyfriend and I have been going out for nearly seven years. Lucky number 7 perhaps?

I’d post a photo of us together. But he likes to remain internet-anonymous. He checks my website periodically to search for his photos and mention I should take them down. But I never do ;)

I have to admit, I had a dream the other night where I was walking down the aisle in my wedding dress. It was an outdoor wedding and I had a bouquet of red roses. Huh, who would’a thunk I’d pick out red roses for it? Whatever, we’ll just go with the flow. I was walking towards my Boyfriend. Usually in these times of wonderful wedding dreams, I’m never really the person walking down the aisle. It’s like I’m a ghost hovering over the entire thing watching it. But kinda being there at the same time. Make sense?

I wonder if this means I’ll be getting one of those fancy titanium rings sometime soon. :)

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