Wordless Wednesday and a Random Fact

Second edition of Wordless Wednesday. Last week I wanted some sun. This week is all about the snow.

That’s one monstrous footprint!!

So c-cold.

Food shopping at the Walton’s Mart (Walmart).

Random Fact: I use bath sheets and not bath towels to try off after a shower. I need an over sized towel to keep me warm. I hate being cold when I step out. The bath sheet is completely over sized and for someone as tall as I am (almost 5’6″) I wrap it to cover my shoulders and it goes almost to my mid-thigh, so warm and toasty.

Do you enjoy these sort of posts? Want me to continue?

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  1. Agreed. I like these posts, too. Simple, random, but awesome.

    Nancy says: Awesome! Love your imput. Thanks, I’ll keep it up :)

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