Wordless Wednesday and a Random Fact

Just thought I’d do a half-wordless Wednesday type of post. I’ve been going through some old photos on my phone and wanted to post some.All photos can be enlarged by clicking them.

Mississauga, ON (I think)

BC for Ironman Canada, 2010

Downtown Pentiction, BC—same trip as Ironman Canada (want my recap? One & Two)

I think I’m missing summer and lusting after a tropical vacation to somewhere like sanibel island wherever the heck that place is.

Random Fact: I’d like to think I’m a good roast chicken carver. Seeing my Dad carve meat all the time as a kid, I think I’ve learned some skillz. Thinly sliced meat is the way to go.

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  1. I can see your feet tan lines! I get the same thing wearing flats all the time in the summer. Just made me chuckle! I wish it were summer right now! Holy snowstorm!

  2. Sanibel Island is just off Fort Myers where I go in Florida. I haven’t taken the time to go there though…too busy shopping or sunning :)
    And the thin cuts of meat a la Mr H are definitely the best!

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