Ironman Canada “vacation” – we have arrived!

Ironman + Vacation doesn’t really go together. Does it. Luckily I am not the one doing the race, so it’s technically my vacation and the Boyf will be on vacay too after race day.

We made it! Hello BC!

So it’s our second day here in British Columbia and the boyf has pre-registered for his THIRD Ironman Canada in 2011. Single women and men should be careful driving on the highways in their fancy rental cars like ours (seen below). Cops will pull ya over unless you have one of the radar detectors to spot cops, because whether or not you’re here on vacay or not they’ll getcha! Not that we’re speedy or anything, because we certainly aren’t. Just sayin’

Oh MM Gee. It’s okay – it’s a beautiful spot here in Penticton, and I don’t mind coming here for another year. The weather is great and the place looks like a resort town. Mind you the hotels and motels gauge you like nothing else with a minimum of 5 night stay and we’re paying a fortune. In fact, we’re paying more at this motel that has stucco on the walls AND ceiling, than we are for the West Edmonton Mall hotel.

Stucco walls….lol

I have been updating my twitter a million and more times than I have been on here, clearly. So if you want to see what I’m up to all day long on my vacation, check that out – there’s always photo updates of random silly quirky things, for instance: Butt Road, Kelowna.

Our rental car is pretty intense. An eye oggling muscle car, Dodge Challenger which gets a lot of older men giving us thumbs up on the side of the road. It’s a little ridiculous looking!! We can’t stop laughing at it anytime we are about to get in it for a ride.

Sitting inside the enourmous car with so many blind spots. It’s a helluva time to park this beast too!

It’s also not very comfortable to rest your arm out the window. It’s so high up. Not this high, it’s a bit exaggerated, but it’s definitely high..

Yesterday I conked out pretty hard and nearly immediately after supper. It was such a long day going on 5 hours of sleep, an hour drive to the airport followed by the 5 hour plane ride and another hour to our destination. But we did end up going to the beach for a while since it was a gorg hot day out. We were relaxed all day yesterday walking the streets and checking out the sights.

While walking along the sidewalk something hit my head, I didn’t know what it was and I looked up and noticed an acorn tree above me. I took one right off the tree as souviner. Isn’t it cute and super tiny??

Today we encountered a few minute torrential true mountain area downpour.

It didn’t last long, but I made Boyf go get the car while I waited under a bike shop’s door way.

We’re trying to eat out as little as possible to save some money so I brought some schnackin’s with me. Healthy eating on the go! Except it’s a tad annoying to cook while you’re on vacation. Know what I mean?

Late lunch.

Stuffing face.

That’s all I have for now. I’m off to read a couple of blogs while boyf sets up his bike!

Aren’t picture posts the best?

Wave bye!!

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  1. Glad you arrived safely. Who rents out a 70’s muscle car? Must cost a fortune in gas. I guess bf is all pumped for the race. Hope you both enjoy the holiday.

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